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Octopus changes its color in a viral video leaving netizens in awe

A mesmerizing video of an octopus changing its color while dreaming is going so crazy viral on so many social media platforms. The video clip lasts for only 20 seconds but it is so awe-striking that many social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram have been in the storm because of this video. Well, this 20-second amazing clip was firstly out by public broadcast service PBS for its documentary octopus: making contact. This video has been consistently getting viral and is one of the most-watched primetime series on public television now. 

At the beginning of the video we can see the octopus changing its color from white to yellow and then it swiftly again changes its color from yellow to dark brownish. The video is entirely about octopus and its changing colors that left many netizens surprised as many found it amazing. As the video continues a biologist is actually seen explaining the main reason for an octopus to change its color and the fascinating effect. The biologist said “The Octopus may be dreaming about eating its favorite cuisine, i.e. crab at the bottom of the sea. This can be the reason for the dark brown color.” 

So in short the reason for the octopus in the video changing its color and showing such a beautiful, fascinating effect can be the dream of it having its favorite food. This fact of an octopus showing such a quick and rapid change just because of its extreme shows the intelligence level of this creature. As it was drifting into its Dreamland it kept changing its color. Well, also the biologist informed us that the video is actually quite normal. Well, octopuses do tend to change their color to protect themselves from predators.  

However, as per the biologist, he has never seen an octopus change its color so rapidly. The video then got re-surfaced once again and was then shared on a Twitter account that is Buitengebieden and ever since it has been going viral. The video was firstly shared on August 21 with the caption “An octopus changing colors in her sleep.” Netizens were really amazed at the beauty of the octopus in the video and also many people praised the fascinating creature.

 At the same time, there are also many social media handlers who praised the account which shared the video and also for such an amazing documentary. The comment section was all filled with comments like beautiful, awesome, and wow, and surely this video is something that shows the beauty of nature and all the intelligent creatures that are out there. Surely this video is an amazing short clip to watch to make your day.



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