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Fire momos take the internet on fire! Watch the video now!

We netizens love to watch food videos especially when it’s street food videos for sure. The amazing spicy, cheesy, savoury street foods are something which we cannot get enough of for sure and when it comes to momos surely the momos lovers cannot take their eyes off the video. There are literally so many versions of momos found around the country and each place has its own special version of momos for sure. Well, as our preferences regarding the sauces or the filling of the momos are completely different there is something that we all momos love like and that is a plate of piping hot momos which can make our day better. 

Other than these, it is also true that many people in an attempt to create new versions of momos create bizarre varieties of momos like gold momo and pizza momo which did not impress many social media users who came across it on the Internet. Currently, a place is seeking momos which is literally on fire and getting crazy viral in ten internet. Have you ever tried the fire momos? This roadside stall located in Ghaziabad is selling these fire momos. Well, just one single glimpse of the momos is enough to get your tummy uneasy and the video was initially shared on Instagram.

 The Instagrammer user Hardik Malik is also a food blogger who goes by the name Paidaishi Foodie. He firstly posted a video of the making of fire momos and has got reactions by many social media users. The stall owner starts by frying some momos in a pan and then adds some veggies to it too. The person then sautees the momos in such a way that the whole pan catches fire and the momos get fried in the fire directly. 

Then, he is seen adding some huge amount of sauces which definitely looks like a lot of hot sauces which are added to the momos. The stall named Tenzi momos is located at Jaipuria Market in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad and it is the place where you will go to find these momos. You may surely need a lot of water and milk after just trying a bite of these momos which is clear from the videos. A post shared by HARDIK MALIK || DELHI BLOGGER (@paidaishi_foodie) Is your tummy feeling ok? We did warn you. 

The video has now got more than 88,000 likes and so many reactions by many netizens who watched the video on social media platforms. While some netizens git remained of the very spicy red chicken by looking at the momos some also gave loosies to Kunaal Roy Kapoor’s character in Delhi Belly. There were also many other social media users who were afraid to try out such hit and spicy momos whereas there were others who wanted to try them at least once in their lifetime. The video of the momos is currently one of the most trending food videos you will find on the internet.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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