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The tourist tried to pet a lion from the bus window and instead got a nasty shock!

We often come across many such videos on the internet which give us an expected shock or have a really twisted ending which we have not expected. Videos of people sometimes going to such an extent that can not only be harmful to them but also for people in the surrounding have always got easily spread on several social media platforms. One such video is now trending on social media platforms. The video was not only scary and thrilling but also at the same time it made people feel how dangerous things can be, especially if you are a tourist and are in a national park. A Scary video of a tourist encounter with a lion has gone viral on the internet and the reason behind it was surely shocking for many who watched the video. This video was uploaded on YouTube by Maasai sightings. And according to some sources, it is known that this video was shot at the Serengeti National park located in Africa. 

In the video, it can be seen that a man is trying to pet a lion by extending inside or outside the window of the Safari vehicle. At first, the man shows the lion which was sitting quite close to the vehicle’s window. And for the video, it can be seen that he proceeds to open the window so that he can pet the lion. Within some seconds the animal gets annoyed and also starts growling angrily at the man. The man gets scared by the growling and then he tries to close the window quickly. Then the video ends in a bloody frame as the person who is filming tries to get away from the window. 

The caption reads, “A tourist Serengeti decided to touch a male lion and almost got her face ripped off the foot of this is a very dumb thing to do and you could easily get yourself killed or banned from a national park by doing this.”

Well, we often come across many shocking videos and this is surely one of the most shocking ones we will find currently trending on the internet and also many social media platforms at a wider range. This shocking video has over 3.7 lakh views and it also has gained many reactions on social media platforms. People were infuriated by this action of the tourist worth the lion and felt that it was really risky to do so. They have also expressed their other opinions in the comment section. This video has gained many types of reactions. They all thought that this action which the tourist did was definitely wrong. All the social media users who watched the video were seen freely commenting and reacting on how dangerous the act pulled by the tourist was and how people should avoid doing such things, especially while interacting with a wild animal. Many users also commented on how even wild animals can get disturbed by such actions and this is one example that people should consider and learn from to avoid doing such things when they are in a national park or come across a wild animal.

A user commented, “I feel like the tour guides should have autonomy over the tourist first of dumb actions were equally dumb repercussions. “You! Get out and walk back!” While the other user wrote, “Why do people have no respect for animals! It’s a wild animal and we are in its place yet if something happens the poor animal will be accountable!” Yet another user wrote, “Third things have taken a turn for the worse, the poor lion will have been the one shot even though it was only doing what came to it naturally!”

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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