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First ever Women’s polo world cup held in Argentina hits the healdlines.

It is great to know how women are now part of every working industry field that will stop ladies’ love from participating in the industrial sector and sports. From the women’s cricket team to the ladies participating in different sports. Well, it is always has got a lot of attention. It not only speaks about women’s empowerment. But it also shows house killed ladies are to be able to compete with the men as well. 

One such news of the women’s teams participating in a very famous game that used to be only played by men is now going famous. The game was a favorite among only the men, but now ladies are also showing their skills. According to the sources, Argentina came up with the first-ever women’s Polo World Cup at the beginning of this week. 

The World Cup:

As per the reports, the world cup was one of the most awaited events in the past few months. The tournament is organized to be seen as a marker of progress for women players. Some so many women players are participating in the famous sport of Polo have always been considered very renowned for it. The game and the thought regarding this game also changed. Now there are so many women players, and Argentina wants to celebrate. As per the sources, there were six countries where women’s teams participated in this amazing tournament. The countries included Argentina, the United States, England, Ireland, Brazil, and Italy.

 According to the sources, they will compete in the world cup. Also, as per the reports, the matches are scheduled to be happening at the famed Campo Argentino del Polo grounds. It is also famous as The Cathedral of Polo, located in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. As per the reports by Blaze Trends, all the six teams will be present in two groups, and the group will consist of three who they will play against each other. 

Few other details:

According to the sources, the winning teams from each group will go to the semi-finals. Then the teams that will win the semi-finals will compete for the cup in the final game. As for the reports, the last game is all set to happen on April 16. Also, each match is going to be happening in 5 rounds. Each round will go on for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. While speaking to Reuters, Clara Casino, Argentina’s top polo player, said, “In recent years, the growth of women’s Polo has been so impressive. Each year it grows so much, more so for women’s Polo than for the men.” Azucena Uranga, who plays for Argentina’s women’s polo team, expressed her happiness. 

Talking about the ongoing World Cup, she also states that she hopes for more women to participate in professional matches in the upcoming future. While speaking to Reuters, she said, “It gives us our place and an incredible opportunity, one that maybe we’ll only fully realize in a few years.” Talking about the game of Polo, it is professionally famous in 16 countries. As per the reports, 100 countries have membership in the Federation of International Polo.

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