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A Twitter fundraiser helped a hard working delivery man deliver orders on a bicycle.

None of the most challenging jobs worldwide is for sure doing delivery. The life of a delivery person becomes much more complicated than he has to deliver the things in summer in India. The place of Summer in India is increasing every day, and with the people have to face a lot of freshers as well. Let the delivery boys have a half to deliver the things within the time on the hot summer days. The high heat to provide the order to something they will have to face from now on. The story of this person who wanted to make a delivery man’s life a little bit easier took it to the headlines now.

The story and his sweet suggestion are becoming viral on several social media platforms. All the people who came across his tiny sweet gesture loved him and poured him with all the praises. Aditya Sharma, a resident of Rajasthan, tried his best to make this delivery man happier and decrease his workload. he came across the delivery man and saw him working so hard to complete all the orders using a bicycle. The temperature was also 42 degrees celsius, yet the man was not giving up on completing his orders at the delivery.

Famous Twitter thread:

So on Monday, Sharma to his Twitter account to share the story. The Twitter thread was telling the story of 31-year-old Durga Meena. It’s now going viral. Durga Meena had to work as a delivery man due to their family’s financial situation. He lost his 12-year-old job as a teacher during the covid-19 pandemic. Family, he decided to start this job of delivering the orders. While writing about the story, Sharma also noted that he did his bachelors in B Com. As per the reports, Meena earns Rs 10,000 per month as a delivery boy. While having a conversation, Meena told Sharma that he does 10 to 12 deliveries every day. Because all these delivery has any time left to restore, take a break.

Even that also said that getting a bike will surely make his work more accessible, and he will finally get some time for himself. While sharing the tweet, Sharma quotes Meena and writes, “sir, if you can manage my downpayment. I will pay my EMI myself, and I will return your downpayment within four months with interest”. In the final eat shared by him, he appealed for people to fund a bike for the delivery boy.

The helpful appeal:

While appealing, he also stated, “guys, I want to raise crowdfunding of 75k. I know it’s a huge amount, but if this reaches 75k people and each person gives 1 rs, we can fulfil his wish of having a bike. Even he said he would return all the money for a downpayment, SUCH AN HARDWORKING PERSON DETAILS BELOW. 6/” return on he also gave the upi number of the delivery boy. As per the reports, it is just one day for them to collect enough money required. Many people generally denoted him, and he had enough money to buy the bike for himself.

Just after a day of posting, The appeal Sharma said and updated regarding the collection done. He stated that Meena was finally able to buy a bike now. He also, later on, came up with the picture of Meena and him standing with a newly purchased bike. Last year, a similar incident happened that took the internet by storm. The internet and social media were used to raise funds for a Mumbai auto driver. As for the reports, the order driver had to sell his house to find a grandchild education.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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