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Gavaskar speaks a little about Rohit Sharma’s signature shot and asks him to stop it for a while!

We cricket fans especially who are following captain Rohit Sharma very closely surely at some point must have noted about his signature shots. The Captain is very much famous for these amazing skills that always impresses most of the cricket fans who are voting for the Indian team. Many of his fans are also proud of his skills when he enters the field and takes the Indian team towards victory. 

The signature shot:

Rohit Sharma signature shot, is something that made him pay a few times in the history. Also it includes the match where India’s first test was played against the team of Sri Lanka. Rohit Sharma was seen making his debut back as India’s test captain which made many of his fans really very happy. He has been hitting  back-to-back fours off the first two balls of Lahiru Kumara’s over. 

Well with the short he only came to an end by hitting the fourth ball all of straight into hands of long on. By playing against the great cricketer Sunil Gavaskar we came to know much more about her signature short. He said that Rohit Sharma has to use the shot sparing it in the early stages of innings in a test match. “He has got to think about it. You can argue that it is a productive shot but that is not the only shot. He has got so many others. Now every bowler who has a little bit of pace will fancy his chances against him saying, ‘I don’t mind going for a couple of sixes or boundaries but there will be an opportunity because he hits the ball in the air’,” Gavaskar stated. It is while speaking to Star Sports. 

The match and what Gavaskar has to say:

Well as we got to see the captain was dismissed 29 off 28 balls. This was the very first time in history where he couldn’t score at least a half century. Nothing has happened like this before while he played in an innings in four Test matches. “So he has got to work the percentages out. If he still thinks that that the percentages are working in his favour, then go on playing but at the moment, they aren’t working in his favour. So maybe he should put it in cold storage till he gets to 80,90, 100,” stated Gavaskar.

 Well, talking about the report it states that the team of India ended up having a score of 574/8. Also all thanks to the amazing cricketer Ravindra Jadeja, amazing performance that showed us unbeaten 175 in the match. The cricketer, who is also famous as an all-rounder, showed us that he was able to take nine wickets. Because of this the team India was one step ahead for sure and It helped us to get the victory. The Indian team won the match by an innings and 222 runs. Many fans are happy to know about the news. It is regarding the Indian team for playing and showing us such amazing cricket skills.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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