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The Norwegian woman gets a flight for herself! Amazing story to know!

For many offers one of the most dreamed things is being able to fly on a private jet at least once in a lifetime. Not only does it come with a lot of luxury but also we will have to spend a lot to get that luxury. However this woman was able to find herself alone and an entire flight to get an experience of being in a private jet. Her amazing experience not only went instantly viral on social media platforms but also many felt really jealous of her. 

A flight alone:

To get a chance of being able to fly alone having an entire flight only for yourself is not something that all of us get for sure. This woman was really lucky to have such an amazing opportunity and people on social media platforms are going crazy about it. Freelance photographer Aurora Torres got her amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Well, she was flying in The Widerøe plane and lucky her as the entire plane was for all to herself. Well, when she saw that there was no one else in the plane but herself it was an exciting journey for her.

 The crew of the Norwegian airline also wondered if she would like to have a seat in the front. Surely this is a rare moment that will never happen in anyone else’s life and thus the photographer wanted to preserve it. Torres documented everything on her phone. Thanks to that we got to see the stunning montage on her Instagram account. Well, in a Reel video shared by her, you will get to see that the 21-year-old photographer. It shows all the empty seats in the plane. All the aisles inside the plane are also seen and she also caught a view of the pilots.

The trending video:

In this video you will get to see the pilots preparing for flying the flight. However, it was not the end of this video. Well, Torres herself got an opportunity to go to the cockpit. She had the experience to get the spectacular amazing view from there first-hand. By the end of the short video clip, we got to see her waving to the crew members goodbye. Well, stating about the special flight as, “10/10 experience,” she wrote. She captioned while tagging the Nordic airline company. 

Well, Widerøe also shared Torres’ TikTok video on their official channels. They also added, “Our type first class.” When she was asked about where she was going to, Torres replied: “Røros, a small place in Norway! I traveled here to take pictures for a wedding.” Many social media users who are really good to know how she managed to get this amazing slide. There are some people who are suggesting that this video must be staged. However Torres clearly stated and clarified it.  “I literally got the news when I was boarding, that I was the only passenger,” she explained. “I think because of the funny situation the crew wanted to do something fun for me [on] the trip,” she said.

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