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Good news for all the BTS and Coldplay fans out there! Be ready for a great collaboration!

Yes, it is official now that the legendary band Coldplay and also South Korea and one of the best K-pop bands BTS are now collaborating for the very first time for a new song. It is an official announcement by BTS’ official Twitter account and also Alien Radio Fm which is the website of Coldplay news. 

On September 13th a website which is set for Coldplay news, that is, the Alien Radio FM dropped some of the cryptic symbols, which was then later translated and resulted into Coldplay X BTS. And talking about the cryptic languages, according to Coldplay fans, it is said that this language is derived from the planet Epiphane on the website. And the webpage contains some writing on the top translated as “everyone is an alien somewhere”. This can also be a key to crack the code. Talking about the collaboration, BTS members RM, Suga and J-hope are credited for the collaboration. and according to some reports, it is known that this song will be sung both in Korean and English.  

First, this announcement was made by Alien Radio Fm but then the fans were still in confusion and it was not so clear so the official announcement was made by Coldplay later that day and BTS’ official Twitter handle also made this good news officially. The collaboration track is named “My Universe” and this will be released on September 24th. One more piece of news for BTS fans and Coldplay fans is that this song is available for preorder as it will have a single CD release too. The set will contain a single and an instrumental along with the handwritten lyrics by both groups. and it is really surprising to know that within 1 minute of the announcement the CD was sold out. Maybe that’s the power of BTS ARMY and Coldplay fans!

Recently BTS was seen in the special episode “Released” which is the YouTube originals weekly music series on September 9 leading directly to the premiere of BTS’ “Permission To Dance” music video shots challenge version. BTS was also joined by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and they also had an intimate conversation and BTS was asked many things like what inspired them for this #PermissionToDance challenges on YouTube shorts and they also shared their experience as global musicians. BTS members also said the positive message behind the challenge and the sign language of this challenge explaining how it is meaningful. 

On the other hand, while speaking to Popcrush for the promotion of “high power” singles, Chris Martin also praised the k-pop band by saying that he has love and respect for all of them and how he thinks that they are cool. While speaking about them Chris Martin also shared that, “I love them a lot and so if the right song came along I wouldn’t ever say no.”

BTS also performed “fix you” a Coldplay song back in February 2021 during MTV unplugged episode. And speaking about this Coldplay’s song, it has been a part of the group in several ways like many of them have heard it in one of their videos. One can also see this song in Jimin and Jin’s Spotify playlist. And not forgetting to say that BTS members RM and we had mentioned in their bucket list to have a collaboration with Coldplay. 

From all these things we can see that it has indeed been a long-awaited collaboration of the 2 legendary groups and now this wait has come to an end. These two legendary groups definitely have huge respect for each other and admire each other’s songs. According to some reports, now this wait will come to an end when the collaboration track “My Universe” will be released on September 24th! 

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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