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Ice cream chaat with a mango dolly? Netizens give mixed reactions to this video!

India is known for its wide range of varieties in its foods. Well even nowadays people are more concentrated on making many fusions of the food varieties, but it is only sometimes that it wins heart while most of the time it disappoints some people. People always have a mixed reaction towards food fusions. One may think that experimenting with foods is fun while others may think that changing the real taste of the food may change its value. Well of course everyone has their taste in choosing the type of foods they want! 

And especially talking about Gujarat, Gujarati cuisine is a different and interesting combo of sweet and spice. Varieties like om, mango kadhi, shrikhand are some of the favorites. Well, are you wondering why the talk of Gujarati cuisine is going on here? because this video of a Gujarati chaat with mango dolly ice cream is spreading like a fire on the internet. A street food stall in Vadodara has created this weird get interesting ice cream chaat and it is going viral on the internet. 

This video of the making of ice cream chaat was shared on Twitter by a Twitter user named @sahiladh, with the caption of “make this make sense” which has already gained more than 152 K views and has crossed the thousands of likes and comments. This video was originally posted on IGTV by @streetfoodrecipe, a popular food blogger. 

This 2-minute clip is the making of the ice cream chaat. Talking about the ingredients first the slices of bread soaked with turmeric syrup was layered inside a box then it was layered with strawberry sauce and other condiments. Next step, many dry fruits along with mango ice cream were added. And then at the topmost layer mango syrup and cheese were garnished does it complete the ice cream chaat. 

Well, every Indian loves to have a chaat but netizens actually couldn’t believe that an ice cream chaat existed. As mentioned earlier, everyone has their own choice in choosing food to have, so some of them found this combination interesting while some found it bizarre. Yes, we can say that this food has got a lot of mixed reactions from the netizens. 

One user commented on the location where this ice cream chaat can be found, “it’s available near bhai bhai dabri, Pani gate, near ayuvedic 3 rasta, Vadodara”. Another user commented, “this needs a follow-up video showing the expressions of the person who eats this’ ‘. Another commented, “Gujjus with a sweet tooth, ‘that feels weird but I’ll allow it”. While another one was also disappointed that the maker of this ice cream chaat didn’t use that sev which was kept near him. One user was also shocked that he used cheese on this sweet ice cream chaat. Well, some wanted to eat this and to try this interesting combination of ice cream chaat. While on the other hand, some people were not able to believe the ingredients he added in this chaat.

Simply we can say that the comment section of this Twitter post shows the variety of choices people have for their selection of foods.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
I am Swetha Sivakumar an Engineer who is obsessed with writing and keeping myself updated with latest and fun news to turn it into an article.


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