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Google’s new Wordle creates a buzz in the internet!

Nowadays one of the most trendiest topics in the world is the Wordle. It is like we internet users cannot just get enough of it. Again Google has made it to the headlines with one of the amazing creations of it. It is going super viral on several social media platforms. Google has come up with a huge surprise for all the Wordle fans out there. Well, recently Google has come up with a special animated feature. As per the report this animated feature appears when one searches “Wordle”. 

Talking about the word that is actually one of the search engines shows an animation. This animation is actually present on the left side of the screen. Well, an animation that mimics the Wordle pattern? Surely it was going to be super viral. The animation shows words like GOALIE and COLUMN appear.  Then these words finally form into “GOOGLE”. 

The word is available in green color. This animation feature is present on your computer screens as well as on your phones. Well we all know that the fan following for Wordle action is huge. After the news was available to the fans, they all were super excited. Surely it is one of the most fun features available to us. Google also was expressing how happy and delightful it was. It is after creating this animation. A Twitter user said, “When you google “wordle” the logo changes, this is bringing me so much joy y’all don’t even know”. However this feature also caused a little bit of confusion among social media users. 

Some people think that this is actually Google Doodle. How the doodle will say for only one day. This animated feature is going to be available every time you search and will go on for a few days. Talking about Wordle it is as per the reports the very first big trend of 2022. According to many resources there was an unexpected surge in popularity. 

As soon as it was available in November, it was a hit. All thanks to Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer. Well, along with this new Google’s animation, the crossword game is also viral. Its status has only become stronger. On Monday, the social media users showed their disappointment. The social media users found the Wordle puzzle really difficult to solve.

It was one of the reasons that stressed them in their day. The collective frustration of the game’s followers created a trend. The trend is “Wordle 219 X” which is too trendy. There was a post a few days back by Mumbai Police’s official Twitter handle. It came up with a Wordle-inspired graphic. The graphic helped to raise awareness about the importance of wearing a mask. 

It showed how important the mask is to stop the spread of deadly virus Covid-19. The post by the Mumbai Police caught a lot of positive responses. It is from many social media users around the globe. Many liked the way the police department was using it to spread awareness. Also the comments were a lot of positive ones from Desi netiznes who loved the graphic and the idea.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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