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Grofers gives official clarification after the issue of 10 minutes grocery deliveries

Grofers founder Albinder Dhindsa recently spoke about the hate that the brand is getting and released an official statement in response to it from the company’s side. The company of Grofers has been censored online by several quarters for exploiting the workforce and is also going to be an issue via people who are expected to deliver orders within 10 minutes of being placed online. 

To respond to all the criticism that the company has been receiving in the past few days the founder Albinder Dhindsa stated “Hello India- I want to chime in about the head we’re getting for delivering groceries in 10 minutes.” He continued his statement by saying and clarifying “Some people think that you are pushing ideas to drive fast and break traffic rules to deliver groceries and determine if that we are in human valuation seeking corporation which puts lives at risk to deliver groceries in 10 minutes,” and thereafter he elaborated by saying “I want to clarify how we deliver groceries in 10 minutes. ” To explain the company’s 10-minute grocery delivery system Albinder Dhindsa said that grofers can deliver the groceries quickly because the company has partnered stores located within 2 kilometers of the customers. Also, the company has been planning in a quite efficient way such that the staff can pack most of the orders in just 2.5 minutes.

Albinder continued his statement by saying “Our partner stores are located within 2 kilometers of our customers. We have 60+ stores in Delhi, and 30+ stores in Gurgaon already! Our stores are so densely located that we can deliver 90% of the orders within 15 minutes even if our riders drove under 10kmph! Our in-store planning and tech are now so good that we pack most orders in under 2.5 minutes! Our riders are not (dis)incentivized to deliver orders fast. They do it at their own pace and rhythm. We’ve had zero reported rider accidents in the last two months since we launched 10-minute grocery delivery”

Well to conclude his statement he also said “Last but not the least, not all companies are built on the back of exploitation of the poor. Some companies are built by creating large swathes of employment and generating tremendous amounts of value for all stakeholders. We are and want to continue to be one of these companies.”  He gave the official statement from his side on his official Twitter account and many social media users have looked at it. He continued his conclusion by saying “Also, it breaks my heart that instead of celebrating innovations (and startup success) coming from India, some of us stay cynical and envious of people who are trying to break the status quo. We need more people who dare, and less of those who pull them down.”

Grofers has been one of the most used grocery shopping applications which are used by the public to get groceries online and the backlash after this news started when a social media handler explain that his orders that he received from Grofers are always delivered in 13 minutes to which Albinder Dhindsa, the founder replied and said “That’s 3 minutes too long. We will work harder in the future.” However, that social media user’s comment is now deleted but the reply that was given by Grofers’s founder is still present. The company of Grofers was founded back in the year 2013 and is based out of Gurgaon. Just like other startup companies, they have been trying their best to come upfront and this is one of the ways that they have been applying so that their customers can get all the groceries that they ordered as soon as possible. 

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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