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The Topmost fascinating and loved food chains by Americans.

Who doesn’t love food, but few places steal your heart by their mouth-watering and ambrosial food items. These food chains are the most popular and go-to place for Americans, from burgers to sandwiches to coffee to chicken to doughnuts and ice cream. 

Want to know more? Well! Mind you; we are sure you will have cravings after reading this. So, Hop on: 


Without any dought, subway has been the most popular food chain for years in the USA. Despite closing few stores, they continue to stay on top with their submarine sandwiches with Turkey breast, Spicy Italian, Black forest ham, Subway club being popular items.


Talking about food chains and KFC and not done. KFC continues to be one of the go-to places for chicken with Chicken Sandwich, chicken pot pie, original recipe chicken – drumstick, crispy colonial sandwich, chicken popcorn, and original recipe chicken bucket. Who doesn’t want to eat delicious chicken right out of a bucket? 


No surprises here; Arby’s can stand out from the rest of the lot for years. Classic Chicken sandwich has put Arby’s on the map. The place is always jampacked with people eating mouth-watering delicacies with ham and swiss melt being the clear winner. Americans love Arby’s for quick dining.


Wendy’s is one of America’s leading quick dining food chains. They are popularly known for their square hamburgers, frosty and sea salt fries. The love for wendy’s delicacies is never-ending. With wendy’s Beconator, classic chocolate frosty, spicy chicken sandwich, dave’s double being the most popular ones. 


Is there anyone who doesn’t love Dunkin’s? Well! Those doughnuts are too cute and sweet to be ignored. The chain serves nearly 3 million customers every day. Not only for doughnuts but its sandwiches are equally popular among the masses. So, it’s safe to say America’s practically run on Dunkin’s. 


America’s most popular bakery is famous for its cinnamon rolls. Food chains made it’s way to American’s hearts through their bun. There is no way a trip to the mall is complete without a little visit to Cinnabon. One of the most popular places to treat your sweet tooth.


Talking about food, Ice Cream can never go out of love. Who doesn’t love icecreams? Buskin Robbins remains a clear winner for American’s love for ice cream. Well, do you know the top flavors? No surprises, Chocolate, Vanilla, Paraline’s cream and chocolate chip, Mint Chocolate chip. 


Craving chicken? Chick-fill-A is the most loved place for fried chicken. From chicken nuggets to chicken sandwiches to Chick-n-strips to Chicken Cool wrap, they have it all to satisfy your chicken cravings. It started in 1964 became one of the largest food chains in America.


Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t love pizza? Domains continue to be one of the fantastic and delicious pizza places for Americans. From cheese-burst pizza to chocolate lava, everything on their menu is loved by the masses.

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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