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Gujarat’s Krishna Temples are getting ready for Janmashtami by keeping the pandemic in mind!

Gujarat is one of the most crowded places during the festival of Janmashtami and Ganesh Utsav. The state government of Gujarat has now announced the standard operating procedures that are the SOP for the festival and also, it will be strictly followed. They have given reason for the lack of devotees to visit the famous Krishna temples and other shrines in the state during this period. However, Gujarat has also announced that there will be a night curfew imposed on the Janmashtami that is on August 30. The curfew will begin from 1 a.m. in all eight major cities of the state according to all the new guidelines and rules from the state government. Gujarat is known for the renowned temples of lord Krishna at Dwarka Dakor as well as in the Shamalji. 

Lakhs of devotees every year visit these temples during the period of Janmashtami to celebrate the famous Hindu festival. There are around 2.5 to 3 lakh visitors every single day during the Janmashtami period and thus the government has taken some actions to keep all the devotees safe from the covid-19 virus. 12 the covid-19 cases in Gujarat have remained low for some time now and thus the temples will be open during Janmashtami. As compared to last year when temples are closed during Janmashtami to the high number of cases of covid-19 found in Gujarat this year the condition is better. 

The famous Dwarkadhish temple in dev bhumi Dwarka district will get almost 1.5 lakh visitors a day during this festive period as per Mukesh Pandya the district collector of the Bhumi Dwarka. He stated “Janmashtami is a big day. Last year the temple was closed for Darshan so many devotees will be looking forward to this day. We have also made arrangements for live darshan.” SOPs are being strictly followed at every temple and circles have been drawn along the Darshan lines and variegate to prevent overcrowding in the temples. The temple located in the Aravalli district which is also famous among lord Krishna devotees is expected to have at least 50,000 to 60,000 during the Janmashtami festival every single day. 

In all the temples face masks are mandatory and sanitizers will be placed everywhere. There will also be thermal scanners and adequate security to maintain distancing among the devotees who are visiting the temple. Lok Mela and Matki Food are not allowed. Only 200 people will be allowed to visit at a time and there will be Barren gates to avoid overcrowding in the Dakor temple. Usually, the locals will be visiting the temple at midnight for the action and thus overcrowding will not be a problem. Also, Dakor temple is expected to have at least 60000 visitors during the Janmashtami.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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