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Harry Styles song becomes Most streamed song male on Spotify!

The famous British singer Adele was able to make a new record. Well, she held the record for the most streamed track on Spotify. That too in just 24 hours (female). It was her famous song Easy on Me. This Friday, the Guinness world record made an official announcement attachment instantly viral. Talking about their announcement, it stated that a single letter has now earned this word record. Yes, the previous world record has been broken now successfully. We are talking about the famous singer and the songwriter Harry Styles.

The new Guinness World Record:

According to the statement and the sources, his latest track earned him a world record, and it is going very viral on several social media platforms. The track titled As it became the most streamed song. The title track was able to break the previous record as it was the most-streamed song on the date it was just released. While making the announcement as well as sharing the official to eat, the Guinness World Records wrote, “After a little chat to @Spotify, we can confirm that @Harry_Styles latest single, As It Was, has broken the record for a most streamed track on Spotify in 24 hours (male).”

As per the Guinness World Records reports, the single saw 16,103,849 streams. Well, it’s just happened in 24 hours on the platform of Spotify, which is the value used by many people around the globe. The song was also instantly one of the most listened to in 34 countries. Also, ask for the country’s sources, including Australia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Talking about the reports in the US, the song title track of As it was, is based on the themes of isolation. It is inspired by the concept of loneliness of the Coronavirus Panda make. The song was also able to replace Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License. By becoming the most streamed track, it has more than 8.3 million listens.

 The famous song- As it was:

According to the reports, the song is just the first track to be released on Harry styles’ 3rd album. The album is famous as Harry’s House, which was available back on April 1, 2022. Well, the album was out across all the famous social media platforms. Including you too, you will get to see the choreographer’s music video very well. On the platform YouTube, the music video for the song As it was able to get more than 49 million views on it. Sensors release has been hitting the headlines, and people are going crazy about it. Talking about the previous recorder, the famous British singer Adele was able to hold this record last year. She had the record of the most streamed track on Spotify in 24 hours for the female category.

The record she got was because of her famous song Easy on Me. Harry styles, a former member of the boy band group one direction, can give back-to-back famous hit songs. He has recently also got a Grammy award for the Best Pop Solo Performance in 2021. This award is for his famously and most loved song Watermelon Sugar. The song was part of his under album, and absolutely all of his fans love it.

Not to forget, his voice and vocals have always attracted many people to his albums and different songs. After breaking this record, people and his fans are especially looking forward to the latest new release of the album. Until then, we can stream the famous song of As it was more on the platform of Spotify to show our love and support towards the singer.

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