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HDFC job circular goes viral, the bank also gives clarification!

Nowadays we often come across many news articles which get viral within a few minutes either because the article is extremely good or because of any mistake in the article. Netizens can easily catch this type of article and share it on social media and the spread of the article continues. It does not take so much time for something which got viral on Twitter or any other social media apps to go viral within a few minutes.

Recently, one such news article got viral and people started reacting on social media. The job circular of HDFC Bank went viral on social media. The newspaper advertisement was a job circular in which they invited graduates of age below 28 years for a walking interview in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This was not just a simple news article as the article mentioned that 2021 passed-out candidates are not eligible for the job interview.

source = yandex

This year was not so easy for everyone. As the Covid count increased a lot so the educational department took a decision to pass all the students appearing for examination this year to prevent the spread of covid-19. They didn’t want to take a risk by conducting examinations and spreading coronavirus so this was the only way to prevent covid and the spread was able to control a bit.

Now after looking at this article many people got offended by it, as it was not their fault if they are 2021 year passed out candidates. This got so viral on social media and people started to repost or retweet it continuously. It just led to an extent that India’s largest private sector bank issued a clarification on this.

Also, the HDFC Bank spokesperson replied to a Twitter user that “this is a typo and we regret the error”. In addition to this, they said, “we have already issued the correct advertisement shared here”.

In a while, Twitter users started tweeting their reactions and most of them thought that it was really absurd, while some of them started making fun of the graduates who passed in 2021.

  • “Hurts for those who actually studied with dedication.”
  • “Thank god I am 2020 passed out”
  • “Agar hum log 2021 mein pass out hue hain to ismein hamari kya galti hai”
  • [ If we have passed out in 2021, then what is our fault in this? ]
  • “I thought this is just for fun”
  • “What rubbish is this? Does this mean that students were responsible for covid-19? the entire world has suspended exams, then why this discrimination?”
  • “Yah to galat ho raha hai sir, shasan ko is disha mein order jari rakhna chahie taki bacchon ke sath bhed bhav na ho sake”
  • [ This is going wrong sir, the government should issue orders in this direction so that there is no discrimination against the children. ]
  • “Because we are covid affected batch/student (2021), now we will be accused every time that these batch students don’t have any knowledge. This shows their intellectual level. @HDFC_Bank you must be one of the largest banks in India but you are not the only one to provide a job.”
  • “A point of serious concern”
  • “That’s the effect of the pandemic”

Many of them also stated that the advertisement is fake and the provided website in it was fishy. And on the other hand, there were some people who agreed with this job circular.

As the job circular was becoming a controversial topic on social media, the spokesperson further added that all the graduates can apply and it is irrespective of the year of passing, they just have to meet the age criteria.



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