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NASA uploaded a video of 13 billion years of space and the video goes viral because of its special tune!

Space is literally filled with a lot of surprises and mysteries and every time NASA finds out anything it is really surprising and amazing to see. NASA every time discovers something extraordinary and presents it to netizens so that people can enjoy the discovery. The space-related images or videos that NASA shares always amazes people and people really appreciate their hard work. And because of NASA people can understand the space that is behind our planet even better.

It’s not just only about images and videos, now NASA is finding techniques so that we can experience the galaxy beyond the images. Now it is also possible by listening to the sounds of the space. This process is sonification in which the data collected by different space telescopes is easily converted into sounds. Especially Hubble brings the cosmic sites and the astronomical marbles can be also experienced with other senses too. So sonification helps to translate the images into sound. In this process, the elements of images like brightness or position are basically assigned as pitches and volume. But because of NASA we now came to know that galaxies can also sound so beautiful.

The recent video shared by NASA on their Instagram page “@nasahubble” is now going viral. This video will surely make you amazed, that the galaxy can even sound so beautiful.

They captioned the video with, “You are listening to 13 billion years worth of data. The galaxies in this Hubble Ultra Deep field image from 2014 are represented in sound! We hear a note for each galaxy when it emitted the light captured in the image; the farther the galaxy the longer it took for its light to reach Hubble. you can learn about this sonification in a recent episode from NASA’s curious universe. Take deep dive into “interpreting our universe” at “

The greatest part of this video is that these 13 billion years of data were like beautiful music! It is so pleasant to hear and everyone shared their reactions to this video in the comment section of the video. This beautiful tune was the reason behind the trend of this video.

Here are some awesome reactions of the netizens:

  • “The orchestra of the universe”
  • “The images that are sonified always make me so happy to hear!!”
  • “Breathtaking”
  • “Nothing is better as compared to the universe and nature.”
  • “That is just insanely incredible!… The Great Unknown…
  • “Thank you for sharing. This is the most incredible thing I have seen!
  • “It felt for me like it was a real moment in time. So magical and haunting!”
  • “Incredible! feeling short of words to describe this”

It’s been around 19 hours since NASA has posted this video and it has already gained more than 2 lakh views and is still increasing. And many people have shared their reactions to it in the comments section.

It is so great to hear the data of 13 billion years! This proves that space technology has gained its growth to a great extent. NASA always tries its best to give all the information about space and spread it to everyone. A few days earlier, NASA also uploaded a video on its social media platform, and the video was about the sun showing a coronal mass ejection erupting from its surface. The video went viral and gained 2 million views and likes within 8 hours of uploading. NASA has really improved space technology and it has provided a lot of information to everyone and is still working on it.



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