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Lost your job in this pandemic? don’t lose your heart, here is how!

Because of the impact of coronavirus, many drastic changes took place in our lives. Whether it’s our way of living life or a financial change, it has been a great shift in our lives. Many of them have become unemployed because many companies decided to fire some employees as they were not able to manage. Some businesses went so low that they had to shut down their business. Now, because of unemployment, you may have to go through some anxiety or stress. There may be a lot of questions going through your mind such as “what should I do now?”, “How will I manage my expenses or my family’s expenses?”, and these may cause mental stress. You may continuously search for a job, but still feel that nothing is working. This mixture of emotions might result in feeling exhausted by everything at a moment.

But to take control over your emotions and try to be calm and think wisely at this moment, there are some ways given below to do so:

Give yourself some time and let out your emotions:

The loss of a job affects people in a great way because it may seem that the loss of a job may bring a change in one’s particular lifestyle. Sometimes, mixed emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, and frustration go through your mind. Keeping it in mind and not letting it out can lead you to depression. So firstly to avoid this, share and express your feelings. It’s okay to cry out or to express your feelings to someone close to you. Free yourself from all these sorrows and thoughts so that you can start freshly again.

some time and let out your emotions

Next step- accept the reality:

Now as you have controlled your emotions, anxiety, and stress. It’s time to think and accept reality. That’s the fact that you are not the only one who lost the job. There are lakhs of people who are suffering from it. Still, many have not lost hope. The pandemic will come to an end and your life will start again soon. Still, there are ways that you can work from home. So it’s better to accept the truth and to work on it.

Search for jobs or internships online:

It’s time to take action. Take your laptops or mobiles and start searching for jobs or even internships. Sites such as LinkedIn will surely help to search for jobs. Internships are even greater if you want some money fast, as internships are kinda easy to get. Keep it in mind not to take tension and stress. Don’t push yourself and just go with the flow. 

job search

Take up some new hobbies:

Hobbies are a great way to pass the time, especially in lockdown. It will also help you to keep yourself busy. And your hobbies can also help you financially. For example, Love to cook? Start a vlog or write a blog. You can also bake cakes and sell them if you are good at baking. In this way, you can try to earn money by doing your hobbies.

Just remember that it’s a temporary break in your job life. After the pandemic gets over, everything will be back to normal and you can find a new job soon!



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