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How are Eggs good for fighting the Covid-19 virus?

In this pandemic, we came to know the importance of keeping our bodies fit in order to fight against the virus. We got so much information from different sources about what to eat and what to avoid. Considering the diet one should follow to fight the virus, proteins play a great role in it. When it comes to protein, chickens, and eggs are the ones that strike our minds. Actually, eggs can be a great option here as it’s budget-friendly too. Whether it’s the shell or the yolk, everything proves to be useful for your body. Also, this is pretty awesome to know that in most of the hospitals, patients affected by COVID-19 are given eggs at least weekly thrice. 

Wondering why eggs are so useful to fight the virus? Well, here is some importance of eggs given by which you will surely realize that from now on, eggs should be included in your daily diet.

Firstly, eggs are so useful to fight against even the cold or any flu. Why? Because it has so many nutrients present that can help in recovering from a cold or any type of flu. It also contains zinc, which is really helpful to fight against cold. Eggs have so many nutrients that they can help in producing energy in our bodies.

Eggs also have many vitamins present in them. Vitamins such as Vitamin D, Vitamin A helps in increasing the immune system in your body. Due to the presence of selenium in eggs, it also helps to boost up immunity in your body.

In addition to this, eggs also have the tendency to prevent any heart disease, and also, due to the presence of vitamins, it helps to strengthen the bones, thus keeping your body fit and healthy.


Additional tip:- It is always better to cook eggs without salt or any other fats. It is better if you boil or poach the egg, or just scramble it but without butter or any other fats. Using low-fat milk in place of cream. Frying eggs can increase the fat content in them so try to avoid frying eggs.

According to doctors, eggs play an important role in recovering from COVID-19 infections. The greater intake of proteins will help to reduce the symptoms from severe to mild. So therefore it becomes a key factor. It is important to take foods that are easily digestible and also have nutrients and vitamins, and eggs have all the factors, eggs are proven to be the best food for this.

Because of the above-given uses of the egg, we can clearly see how important a role it has in our daily diet. And as eggs are the cheapest source of protein, they are easily available for everyone out there. Due to these reasons, the sales of eggs were and are increasing as there is an increase in the spread of the virus. Everyone wants to get enough nutrients, vitamins and wants to increase the immunity in their body, and eggs are packed with all these. So, apparently, it becomes easy for everyone to choose eggs to add to their diet, which also results in an increase in the sales of eggs.



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