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Here is Prey for the Devil’s movie release date, cast, and all the information?

There are several accounts of exorcism. But how do you get rid of a demon that is possessed by numerous people and is spreading like an epidemic? Prey for the Devil, starring Jacqueline Byers as a nun who learns how to cure demons—or more specifically, one demon—contains the answers (more on that in a moment).

Daniel Stamm is in charge of directing the spooky supernatural movie. The Last Exorcism, 13 Sins, and a few episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and the Scream TV series are the films that the German director is most well-known for.

The movie’s screenplay was written by Robert Zappia (Halloween H20: 20 Years Later), based on a tale he co-wrote with Earl Richey Jones and Todd R. Jones, all of whom are also producers. The story revolves around Sister Ann, who is about to execute an exorcism when she learns that the demonic power has ties to her past.

Just in time for Halloween, Prey for the Devil will be released. So, fright aficionados, check out all the information below, including the narrative, actors, release date, and everything else we currently know about the supernatural horror film coming this October.

Prey for the Devil's

When Will Prey for the Devil Be Available?

The American theatrical debut of Prey for the Devil is scheduled for October 28, 2022. The Devil’s Light, the previous title of the film, had a January 2021 release date that was pushed back to February 2022 and then again.

Who is in the cast of Prey for the Devil?

Redeeming alum As Sister Ann, Jacqueline Byers commands the cast of Prey for the Devil. Along with Virginia Madsen and Nicholas Ralph from All Creatures Great and Small, the horror film also stars Colin Salmon from Arrow, Christian Navarro from 13 Reasons Why, Lisa Palfrey from Sex Education, and Virginia Madsen from Sex Education.

In Prey for the Devil, Ben Cross, who starred in Chariots of Fire, is seen in his final cinematic appearance before passing away in 2020. The movie is a tribute to his memory.

The main characters are Father Quinn, a professor and Ann’s mentor, played by Salmon, Father Dante, a classmate of Ann’s, by Navarro, Madsen, Cardinal Matthews, by Cross, Sister Euphemia, and by Ralph, Father Raymond. Additionally, Debora Zhecheva plays the younger Ann, and Velizar Binev plays Father Bernhard.

Prey for the Devil: When Does It Start?

Prey for the Devil was filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria, during the summer of 2020. Typically, one would anticipate that tales like these, especially those involving exorcism, would be set in a previous era. Prey for the Devil, however, buck’s that trend. Although there is no mention of a specific timeframe, it is evident from the trailer that the plot is largely set in the present.

Prey for the Devil's

How Does Prey for the Devil’s Story Go?

Prey for the Devil is predominantly an exorcism-focused film, as is evident from the teaser. However, it’s also about the trip into one young nun’s history.

This ghost has followed Ann since she was a young child and is now moving from one body to another in an effort to convince Ann to let it in. Ann is aware that this spirit is the same one who ate her mother. The only thing that has kept her safe thus far has been her faith in God. But now that the demonic spirit is causing trouble in the larger world, she needs to put a stop to it.

Since women were previously not permitted to execute exorcisms, Ann’s biggest difficulty is that she lacks any exorcism experience. One professor makes an exception and instructs her in order for her to learn more about herself, realise herself, and protect herself and other innocent people.

Sister Ann is thrust into a conflict between the holy and the impure, serving as the dividing line between the two, with assistance from a fellow priest and a student.

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