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Here’s all the information that you need to know about Great Pretender Season 3!

It is pretty sure that once in our lifetime, we may have pretended to be sleepy just because our parents are going to assign some work to us. Well depending on the same, a new anime series has been named.  It’s released on Netflix to take you around its awesome storyline. Great Pretender is a Japanese anime series, which has already been released on Netflix. This anime is the recent anime that is released on the OTT platform. Well, fans are already in love with it. People have loved its diverse content and awesome storyline. The show has already released two seasons yet, and now fans are eager for Great Pretender Season 3 to get released.

About Great Pretender:

This anime is created by Ryota Kosawa. It is originally illustrated by Daichi Maru. The series follows the cases that can get you to the end of your seat. The fan following of this anime drama is increasing a lot. Usually online ratings of the show give a hint about the thoughts of the audience. Sadly, the series didn’t get that much recognition as it deserved. Thus, this anime has become an underdog for many people. 

Well, the fans all around are trying their best so that they can spread and help to make people recognize the series. While on the other hand, Netflix is getting interested in the anime series, as the OTT platform is getting more obsessed with the show. The OTT platform is making sure that the anime series gets enough seasons. 

Great Pretender comes under the comedy genre. It is something which can easily take your attention just after watching the first episodes. The viewers have probably ended watching the series, so questions regarding the follow-up of the show arise now. So, let’s take a look at every information about the series in detail.

The confirmation of Great Pretender Season 3?

As we have mentioned earlier, Great Pretender has released two seasons of the anime series. You can watch both the seasons of the anime which are already available on Netflix . Now, fans are eager for the third season to get released.

The second season was officially released in 2020. And now fans are waiting for the third season to be released on Netflix. Great Pretender Season 2 ended up on a great note. This can be easily taken as a new anime series. It’s been more than a year since season 2 of the anime series got released . But the official team is yet to announce the renewal of the series for additional chapters. 

For now, the fans are really looking forward to this anime series. This is because the anime is something that matches up well with the trend and the storyline of the popular series. Well, the show has not yet become a very popular anime show on the Internet. But there is quite a fan following all around the world. 

This series aired in the year 2020. Well, the show got a renewal in the same year.  It was initially renewed for its second season in 2020. The Great Pretender was initially released on Fuji TV’s +Ultra. But then later, the anime got released on Netflix.

Talking about the story, well, it revolves around the life of swindler Edamura Makoto and Kudo. Both the seasons are based on their story throughout the show. The anime was inspired by the manga. This anime was adapted from a manga which is titled with the same name. 

When will the Great Pretender Season 3 be released?

As for now, there is no official announcement regarding the release of season 3. People who have already watched the show on Netflix are now eager for the renewal of the show. Let us know more about the details regarding the release date.

Talking about the 3rd season, it is yet to be renewed. The officials nor the studio have confirmed about the series yet.  But still, the viewers have kept hope for the continuation. 


Yet, we have not received the information on any official release date for the show. The fans are eager for the series to continue its story. People want to know more about what happens with the main lead. Well, the source, that is the manga still has a lot to be covered. But still the creators are not yet planning for the third season. Maybe this is because they have thought they would have released the series until now.

There are more criminal cases left to be shown to you by Edamura Makoto and his trusty sidekick Kudo. Great Pretender Season 3 is not confirmed yet, but if you ask, we are estimating that the confirmation for the release of season 3 will be done in 2023.

There is a huge possibility for the show to get a renewal. This is because the manga has quite a source material, sufficient for a renewal. Keeping things aside, we observe all the online things for the thriller drama. Much source is left to adapt into a new season. There is no chance that Netflix is going to leave such an amazing opportunity. 

Moreover, the fans are growing day by day. With an increasing fan base, their growing concern results in anticipation of a lot of things. As the renewal procedure is quite huge, the Anime series may take a long time to get released. Also, lots of anime are going to be released this year and next year too. So we can tell you that Great Pretender Season 3 will happen.

What can we expect with Great Pretender Season 3?

Great Pretender came out as an amazing series which was loved by the audience. The show came out and created hype around the people. People started comparing the show with the “Demon Slayer”. And fans are eagerly waiting for the show to follow up and for a  continuation in its storyline. 

Makoto Edamura is the greatest swindler of Japan. He has been hanging up among the criminals and also got along with the interesting plot. Well, if you see, Social media is filled up with lots of tweets and posts asking about the upcoming season. But as mentioned earlier, there is no confirmation regarding season 3. 

This anime’s story is based on manga. The manga series covered up the story of the anime ever since its release. The author of the manga is still writing the story enthusiastically. The Manga is still published in the magazine. Fans are waiting for the completion of the amazing series and to get renewed another time. 

It will feature the same storyline if there will be another season. We assume that the third season will start from the story which was left in the second season. So the 3rd season will follow up the same story. Well, Makoto Edamura is still pursuing his cases as fans want to watch more drama now. 


The first two seasons of the anime was quite loved by many people out there. The story amazed the fans. This has now left them to wait eagerly for the season 3 of the series. There is no confirmation about the season 3 yet. But there is sufficient amount of source left and the demand for season 3 is increasing. With this, we can assume that the confirmation of the renewal may be done by 2023.

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