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Triad Princess Season 2: Cast, Plot, and much more information!

The popularity of Asian dramas is increasing day by day. Well we can’t easily ignore the fact that people are going crazy over these shows. Out of other genres of Asian dramas, the romantic ones always rank the top. Romantic dramas are the most chosen ones. Well but if the romantic series has a touch of other genres such as action thrillers then it becomes more favourable for the people. And when we talk about Asian drama we can’t forget K drama. K dramas are something worth mentioning here as the popularity is increasing. The Asian fans are increasing due to K- drama. And when the people start searching for similar content they end up knowing Chinese drama, Japanese drama too. And also taiwanese dramas!

Well, talking about taiwanese dramas, if you are a fan of those, we have something for you. If you are a fan of taiwanese dramas you may have heard about Triad Princess. Triad Princess is a well known taiwanese TV show. This taiwanese TV show was not only famous in Taiwan but also all around the world. If you are a fan of romance genre, here is your go to drama.

To know more about the dried Princess and its season 2, you are at the right spot. We will discuss every information related to Season 1 and also Season 2. If you want to know everything about it stay tuned!

All About Triad Princess:

Triad Princess is a taiwanese drama which is a Netflix original series. This Taiwanese drama is a popular show and is amazing for all romance lovers out there. This series is the second Netflix’s Taiwanese series, exclusively available on Netflix. The first series is Nowhere man, which was the first Netflix’s Taiwanese series.  This amazing Taiwanese series was first released on 6 December, 2019. It became very popular among the people. The series focuses on the main cast. 

Talking about the show, this show has  received lots of support and admiration from people. This all love and support the show has received is because of its storyline. This series can be classified more in the genre of romance, with little mix of suspense, thriller etc. 

The first season has already ended. So now it’s time for a sequel. All the fans are eager to watch the second Season of Triad Princess. The first season had only 6 Episodes. Well, it seems like the fans are not satisfied with just 6 episodes. 

Will Triad Princess Season 2 really happen?       

Already a fan of Triad Princess? Well, surely you must be wondering about its second season. The first season got very famous among the people. The feedback showed that people love this series. Triad Princess is a light romantic series. This series will surely set your heart in a romantic manner. The amazing series concentrates on simple human nature. This involves love, friendship and support from them. 

The best part about this series that attracted many people is that it reflects the reality of society. As it is a Netflix original series, this one is very popular. But people are not satisfied with just 6 episodes, and craving for more. 

The fans are hoping to see more of the story. Unfortunately, nothing is announced by the official team yet. Netflix has not released any official announcement regarding the Triad Princess season 2. But there is a high chance of this series getting a renewal. If everything goes as per the plan, people can expect a second season in a couple of years. 

What will be the storyline of Triad Princess Season 2 ?

It can be actually said that the story seems like the one found in Wattpad. The main character of this story is Angie, the daughter of a Triad boss. The girl is from a family which undertakes illegal work such as smuggling and underworld work. As she lived her life as a daughter of a Triad boss, she was eventually bored with her lifestyle. She thought of doing something interesting and making her life worthy. She plans to go for a job and then ends up getting a job as a bodyguard of an actress. 

As she gets the job, life becomes pretty exciting for Angie. Being the bodyguard of an actress helped her to explore the glamour world. She also meets with Xu Yi Hang, her celebrity crush. The show then takes a romantic turn after this. Xu Yi Hang, an actor who is living his life as an actor, seems not as true as it is portrayed on television. Angie gets to know more about him. Xu Yi Hang became more comfortable around her. As a result, he started to show his true self in front of her. Soon after this, Xu Yi Hang started to adore the presence of Angie in his life. Thus he falls in love with her. The love starts but something tricky awaits on the way. 

Angie’s family was not happy when they came to know about their love. They knew that the media would end up exposing all their secret underworld and illegal work. As a result, Angie’s father does not agree for the couple to live together. 

As the ending was not a happy ending, like most of the drama portrays, there are chances for season 2. So in the next season we can see what happens between the couple, as fans expect a happy ending. All the fans are eager to see Angie and Xu Yi Hang together happily.

The cast of Triad Princess season 2:

The main characters of this Taiwanese drama are Angie and Xu Yi Hang. All the fans are hoping to see Eugenie Liu as Angie and Jasper Liu Xu Yi Hang once again. It is pretty much assumed that the main cast will remain the same. The main cast are usually not changed in season 2. 

There are only rare Asian TV series who chose to change the main characters of the series. Maybe because of any conflicts.But there’s no such news of conflicts for Triad Princess casts.

We’ll also see Chang Zhang-xing as Lin Gui and Hung Yan-siang as Ding-ding.

The drama showed many guest characters. So it is expected that in season 2 we might see more of them. But  there is no official statement regarding the new casts.

Where is the trailer of season 2:

There is no official trailer for season two yet. But if you are newbie to this series, here’s the first season’s official trailer. Hope you like it!



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