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Hilarious video of a little boy making his father’s interview super funny!

Many videos of kids showing the funny side on the Internet takes the internet by storm and the people love to spend their time watching such videos. No one knows how a kid will react as they are always totally unpredictable and it is also true that the curious mind is always up to something. Well, one of the trendiest videos which is going crazy viral on the internet right now is surely one of the greatest examples on how funny kids can be. 

This young little boy’s video will surely make your day and it is one of the hilarious videos you have ever found on the internet.  Well, the young boy in the video just made an appearance on his father’s live interview but something unpredictable happened and the entire video and his father’s interview became one of the most hilarious scenes. Also, it is true that his father’s live interview on the television has gone viral and it is absolutely hilarious. 

Everyone who watched the video fell in love with the kid’s antics and it will make you laugh hard and make your boring day quite exciting. Well talking about the video you can see the father is all nicely dressed up ready for his interview in a suit and he had his headphones on. He was giving a live interview as he applied for Bloomberg Surveillance. It is common for people to completely forget whatever is happening in their surroundings when they are giving the interview and something happened to his father as he was totally engrossed in conversation with the host. Well, his interview did not go as planned for sure, as soon as his son entered the room and was seen smiling at the camera.

Soon enough, we got to see the young little boy waving to the audience. Well, his father tried to push him away but the cute boy was super stubborn and did not listen to his father. Also, he returned with much fervour and started dancing behind his father in front of the camera. The young boy also showed his tongue to the viewers watching him in a comical way and smiled at them. 

The host couldn’t help but laugh at the funny boy. The video was soon shared on the internet and it went viral on social media. The video has now received more than 24,000 views and netizens are loving the young boy’s antics. A user commented, “Hahaha, brilliant.”  Another user said, “I am obsessed with this.” The entire comment section of the video is filled with many reactions from people around the globe who have watched the funny, hilarious young boy’s antics in the video. Truly this is a video that is a must watch and it is worth watching too.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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