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Vin Diesel walks Paul Walker’s daughter down the aisle. Fans left emotional!

Late actor Paul Walker will remain alive in his fan’s hearts forever. Till date, he is known for his amazing acting and now his 22-year-old daughter got married. She is model and Meadow Walker married actor Louis Thornton-Allan earlier this month. The wedding was in the Dominican Republic and happened on friday afternoon. Meadow Walker shared pictures from her amazing wedding ceremony and gave a glimpse of her wedding to her followers. 

The wedding was really intimate with only a few guests and close family members attending it. In one of the photographs which is going crazy viral now and hitting the headlines, Vin Diesel is seen with Meadow Walker on her wedding day. He walked the bride down the aisle in her wedding and the pictures are truly heart-touching for sure. As the bride’s father walks her down the aisle, Diesel plays her father’s role leaving his fans proud. “Ayooooo,” was the caption of the post which was shared by Meadow Walker on her official Instagram account. 

source = indianexpress

Gal Gadot and other stars were seen congratulating the model on the big day and also the wedding venue was simple yet beautiful which was loved by all her fans. The Wonder Woman star also congratulated the newly married couple on her big day and reacted with a heart emoji. Paul Walker died in an accident that happened back in 2013 when he was 40 years old. All of his fans were left devastated with the sudden traumatic news at that time. He played his role in the first six of the nine parts of  Fast And Furious movies alongside Vin Diesel who really were like brothers as the fans say. 

Meadow Walker also shared many beautiful pictures from her wedding ceremony. Vin Diesel wasn’t the only star from the series of Fast And Furious show who was present at the wedding as Jordana Brewster, who played Paul Walker’s love interest in the movie franchise was also one of the people who attended the ceremony. “We’re married,” Meadow Walker shared another picture with the simple yet beautiful caption. Earlier this year, Meadow Walker walked the red carpet in her father’s honor. It was at the F9 premiere and the recent movie in the franchise premiered in June. 

Before, Vin Diesel, in an ​interview with E! Online, was seen speaking about whether or not Meadow could appear in the next Fast And Furious film. He said, “I would not count anything out.” Fast and Furious fans, when they witnessed the pictures from the beautiful ceremony of Meadow Walker’s wedding, they were left in happy tears and were really happy for the model.

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