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How Did Ana De Armas Get the Late Marilyn Monroe’s Permission Before “Blonde?”

The late Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe was portrayed by Ana de Armas in the upcoming film Blonde. At the most recent Venice Film Festival, the movie even garnered a standing ovation. The actress recently reminisced about how the entire crew asked Monroe’s approval before beginning filming, and she is now basking in the success of the movie. This is how.

The cast of Blonde dropped a card with a note to Monroe on his grave in Westwood Village Memorial Park on the first day of filming, according to Ana de Armas, who spoke with another magazine. She went on to say that they were attempting to get Monroe’s approval and that everyone felt a great sense of duty as they were ready to put her narrative on TV.


“We all wrote notes to her on this large card that we received from the team. Then we went to her grave’s grave and placed it there. In a sense, we were begging for permission. Everyone felt a great sense of duty, and we were all extremely conscious of the side of the story we were going to present: the tale of Norma Jeane, the real-life Marilyn Monroe.

Who exactly was she?”

However, Armas said that she believed Marilyn Monore was with them on the sets when she attended the Venice Film Festival. She uttered, “She was very close to us, I’m sure of it. She joined us.

She was with me, and it was beautiful. She was everything I thought about, everything I dreamed about, everything I could talk about. I imagine she was joyful.

She occasionally threw things off the wall and became irate if she didn’t like something. This can sound very magical, but it’s actually true. Everybody felt it.”

More info about Blonde?

Blonde, which will centre on Marilyn Monroe’s career, is based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name. In addition to Armas, the movie also stars Sara Paxton, Bobby Cannavale, and Adrien Brody. On September 28, the film will be available on Netflix.


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