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The Flash’s New Captain Boomerang Gets His First Look on the Season 9 Set

Currently in its ninth and last season on the CW, The Flash stars Grant Gustin. Almost ten years have passed since the Arrowverse was first introduced to the renowned speedster, according to this statistic. The hero has battled innumerable enemies during so many years.

The Reverse Flash, also known as Eobard Thawne, made his debut in Barry Allen’s debut season and quickly established himself as one of the biggest challenges he had to deal with. He faced out against powerful villains in later seasons like Godspeed, Zoom, Savitar, The Thinker, Grodd, and King Shark. Who else would the last season have now in store for Gustin’s Flash, given how many bad guys he’s already faced? As it happens, Captain Boomerang, a former foe, appears to be receiving a facelift due to set images.

The Flash vs. Captain Boomerang

The ninth season of The Flash set photographs have surfaced online, and they feature Grant Gustin’s titular character facing a new incarnation of an old opponent. Captain Boomerang himself is the terrible man in question. George Harkness made his comic book debut in The Flash #117 and went on to cause the speedster a lot of trouble throughout the years.

It appears that Richard Harmon from The 100 will play this new interpretation of the villain this time around. Thanks to Canadagraphs, who first shared a photo of Harmon on location on their Patreon page, you can see him there. For those that are wondering, the answer is that this character has previously been presented and killed off in the Arrowverse. He was first debuted in Arrow, Season 3, Episode 7, “Draw Back Your Bow,” and was originally portrayed by Nick Emad Tarabay. In that same series, he ultimately perished during the battle with Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Prometheus. Any discrepancies between the original character and this new iteration could be attributed to the circumstances surrounding Crisis on Infinite Earths. Another possibility is that another man will just assume the role. Characters like Captain Boomerang have gained a lot of popularity recently. In three different DCEU movies—Suicide Squad, The Flash, and The Suicide Squad—Jai Courtney played the villain, with James Gunn’s film serving as his final.

The Flash's Season 9 Set

A craze known as Captain Boomerang

Given that this villain has already been used up in the Arrowverse, it’s fascinating to see the show decide to bring him back. However, it appears that they are going for a very different aesthetic this time, one that is more in line with the comics. But that will he be more than just a menace for one episode, or will he continue to annoy Barry in his last few episodes?

The Rogues, a group of villains Boomerang had previously been a part of, are a group of which it is extremely unfortunate that the CW series never completely assembled them. In opposition to the hero, they would have been a great counterpoint.Captain Cold & Heatwave, two main characters whom Legends of Tomorrow stole from The Flash before they could be fully utilised by them, are also included in the team. The primary antagonist of Grant Gustin’s final season is yet to be determined, although it is unlikely to be Captain Boomerang. It would feel like too little time for the finale of the programme, after all. Since The Flash has used the most of the hero’s rogues’ gallery, it is difficult to predict who will get the coveted position. Captain Boomerang’s remake might be the beginning of a new trend wherein classic monsters make a return with such a substantial change. Why? Barry Allen is renowned for distorting time, so why not try it one more time?


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