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How masks protect us?

The pandemic has surely bought us new methods to live our daily life. The use of masks and sanitizers has become normal now. Living the new normal life, the public is also getting used to the use of masks and other protective methods attached by the guidelines to fight the deadly virus. The pandemic situation continues and with that people have as;o started to follow double masking before they step out of their houses. For months we have been using masks to avoid getting infected from the coronavirus and the common question that has been arising is whether the masks are useful? How do they protect us? What is the difference between the N95 mask and the normal cloth masks? and much more.  So are they really meant to protect us?

The use of different types of masks-

In the past few months, we have seen many articles of different types of masks that can be used to cover your face to protect yourself from getting directly in touch with the virus. Surely the transmission of the virus can be controlled by having a mask on your face covering your mouth and nose. Here are the really protective masks and their uses.

The cloth mask-

As per The Journal of Family Practice, these masks having a single layer can only help with 1% particle filtration and a two-layer mask can help to filter 35% of small particles. The cloth mask however can be really helpful to avoid the droplets and the virus which is spread when the person near your sneezes or coughs. Nevertheless, for protecting yourself from coronavirus it is advised to use cloth masks made of multiple layers of cotton.

The Surgical masks-

These medical disposable masks are really helpful as it filters out large particles in the air. Many tend to reuse the surgical mask which can be harmful and as per the World Health Organization, the Medical masks are for single use only so it is a must to discard the mask immediately, preferably into a closed bin.

The N95 masks-

The respirator mask provides much more protection than a medical mask as it can prevent both large and small particles from entering through the mask when you inhale. They filter out 95% of particles from the air. Used by many health care providers, the N95 masks are meant to be disposed of just like the surgical masks.

Although masks can protect us from the virus, it does not completely prevent the spread of the virus. Frequent handwashing, use of sanitizers, and changing the mask frequently are important too. The fact that whenever in your community, wearing a mask is a must for you and also it protects the people near you. Also proper positioning of the n. A mask must cover your nose, mouth, and chin and you must prevent touching your mask and the face to prevent the particles in your hands from entering inside your body through inhalation or from your mouth.



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