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Why are people choosing Netflix over theatres?

In this pandemic period, OTT platforms surely got way trendier than it was before. Streaming services have become luxurious and the fact that people can stay home and watch their favorite shows and movies in their comfort zone has really attracted many streamers. Movie theatres have been shut down for months now to ensure public safety and to avoid the spread of deadly coronavirus. One of the famous platforms which provide streaming services around the globe is Netflix which is also the world’s first online DVD rental store. Many have found a way to keep themselves entertained especially during the lockdown period when there is absolutely no scope of going out and having fun which is streaming shows and movies on the platform Netflix. With the wide range of shows and movies that it provides to its users, has Netflix really replaced theatres?

Why is Netflix becoming so famous?

Many movie lovers couldn’t get to watch movies in theatres for months and the only source of entertainment at that time was Netflix. The thought of spending more than 200 bucks to buy just a movie ticket and to sit on a chair uncomfortably until the movie ends is one of the main things that got people more attracted to streaming online. Maintaining social distance, sitting at your home comfortably, enjoying a movie surely is one of the best things that happen to you if you choose Netflix over theatres. Once a user subscribes to the platform, he or she will get access to thousands of movies of different genres, languages that the platform provides. One of the best things that Netflix does is that it recommends titles as per your choices and mood. Other than the movies that get released on other OTT platforms or in theatres, Netflix also releases its own movies that are the Netflix originals, which again have a huge fan following. From the classic evergreen movies to your latest modern ones, subscribers are exposed to all kinds of movies and shows which they can stream for unlimited times being at anywhere or anytime.

Is Netflix good or theatres?

Even though Netflix offers a wide range of features making it much more user-friendly and appealing, few users still prefer theatres over Netflix. The main reason behind this is usually the fun of going out and watching a movie on a huge screen with all the sound effects that you experience in a theatre seems to be more appealing to few people. In the end, it totally depends upon a person’s preference and their liking. Also, the talk of Netflix buying a few movie theatres has been all around for a few years now. Many Bollywood stars including Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Rajkumar Rao have worked in OTT platforms, making the platform gain much more popularity in the country. For now, as per the government guidelines, all the theaters might not be open very soon and many people are getting used to streaming online on OTT platforms.



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