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Hunter X Hunter has a Season 7? Will it appear again?

All the ones who love the anime, especially the 90s kids, will know the importance of Hunter X Hunter. It truly is one of the most amazing anime series of all time. The era was totally different for all the anime series. Amazing stories with different mangas were out at that time. We know that many amazing anime series that has existed in this world have been coming up. It is from the different Manga series. 

Not only was the manga amazing, but also it got many people to come up with animals that are to date much loved by many. This anime is also one of them and truly will stand up to your needs and demands. Thanks to Yoshihiro Togashi for making this anime. It first came out back in early 1998. The adaptation of the manga series was back in 1999. Later after some time, it came to a conclusion, and in 2011 it came out. 

Well, Madhouse was the one giving Hunter X Hunter the form of an anime series. Also, this anime series came to an end back in 2014. It went on for six long seasons, and that’s when the makers decided that they would end the series. Well, truly it is something that fans were not happy about. However, we have good news for all the fans who are still looking into the series. Later after the series came to an end, an English dubbed version came out. It was available on Toonami in April 2016. Truly the fans were clear enough to show how much they need more episodes and seasons. 

Thus after the six seasons came to an end on Toonami, the demand for season 7 went high. To make a note of the English version that came out on Toonami as well as a huge hit. It was famous all around the globe for sure.  

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Will Hunter X Hunter have a Season 7

Many fans have been waiting for the update regarding season 7 of the anime series. Well, it is true that the demand is really high. Also, many people will surely love it if the team releases another season. But to make a note, there is no official announcement made yet. Also, the big chance for the series to return again with a new season 7 is actually a bit lower than the expectation is. 

As per the reports, Madhouse did not reveal any plans for the new season of Hunter X Hunter yet. Also, many sources state that the team is currently busy. It is with other projects they have been engaging with. Also, we find sure that the source material was almost coming to an end within the half part of season 6. So to get more source materials for the upcoming season will be very hard for the things that struck the plot. It is really hard to continue in new episodes. The anime adaptation might as well come in the future. Talking about it, maybe Madhouse will consider fans’ demands. If they do, we will surely get to see the anime series with new episodes in season 7. 

Will the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ have source material for season 7? 

All seasons that were previously out regarding the anime series are totally mind-blowing. We fans can never get enough of all the seasons that were out before, and nothing can match. The demand for the new season with new episodes is so high and the topic is so trending right now.

 But to make a note of the storyline was pretty much getting exaggerated in the previous seasons. The plot getting continued in the other episode is really tough. The challenge that the team will be facing is to continue the storyline. Thus sad news for the fans is that there is a very low chance for an upcoming season. The creator, Yoshihiro Togashi might come up with more manga. If this happens, then surely we will get to see a new season for Hunter X Hunter. As many reports state, he has been facing many mental health issues. Thus this has also affected his professional life. The mangaka, because of so many demands, had a lot of pressure on his shoulders. 

Many resources state that he is still recuperating. As per the official statement given by Togashi, they have been working so hard. It is in order to finish the anime series. The author also has been doing lots of work in order to satisfy the audience. Also many reports state that the author’s wife will be completing this anime series if he passes away. Talking about the manga series of the anime, it currently has 36 volumes. The very last volume came out back in 2018. Also, The four of volumes with six installments might help to create more episodes. These episodes will be a part of season 7 if it ever comes out.

 But sadly, to make a note of the four volumes did not come to an end yet with the Dark Continent arc. So it seems like we fans have to wait for any updates from Togashi. Also, it might take a long time for the creator actually to come up with more episodes.

The ‘Hunter X Hunter’ Season 7: Release Date

Although no matter how much we want season 7 of the anime series, it is still hard to know about it. There is no official announcement given regarding the creation of season 7. Also, the main reason is not sure yet if they will have enough source material for the episodes. It will all depend on the creator’s mental wellness, which is much more important to focus on. 

To sum it all up, in this article, you will know much more in detail about the anime series of Hunter X Hunter. From the source material information to all the upcoming episodes. And the plot in the upcoming season, you will know everything. Also, we have been waiting for more updates from the creator and the team. If you find any updates will mention them in the article.

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