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Desi bride dances to a song of ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ on her wedding day!

We, internet users, love now watching entertaining videos. It is to spend time wisely. All the social media users are currently going crazy around the video. The video shows a bride living her wedding time in such a fantastic way that you will be left with a smile. It is common for brides nowadays to have a choreography team to make the extra wedding special. 

Well, this bride with something similar, and it is now doing rounds on the Internet. Nowadays, a video of a bride giving one of the best bridal entries you would have ever seen is winning hearts. All thanks to the wedding choreography team of YSDC. Also, many social media users came across the behind-the-scenes. It is available online, and all are in love with the video. 

Well, this bright ok to a whole new level as she overcame the traditional bridal entry theme. Usually, brides enter their weddings under a phoolon ki chaadar. This bride just made the internet fall in love with her. The bride, Saba Kapoor, gave a very special performance to the Sau Aasmaan song on her big day. She has been so impressive as she performed amazingly.

 Many of our friends and family members were also seen dancing along with the bride. Well, the Internet was in love with watching the clip. It shows how beautiful the bride was enjoying her big day and winning the Internet. Talking about the video clip, we can see that in a split-screen clip, the bride is practising. 

She performs very well on her surprise bridal entry and everything that everyone present at the wedding is loving. Also, Kapoor is seen grooving with her choreography team and joining her performance. It is full of enthusiasm, and that is what everyone loves on the Internet. The bride Kapoor is dancing in the middle, and she is along with other team members. 

The entire choreography team is dancing behind her as she moves ahead. Also, the same performance was replicated on her big day. It was a blast foreshore. Well, she was dancing along with her family members. Also, with her friends following the perfect rhythm. She performs and then walks up the aisle towards her soon to be husband. 

Giving it her best as she walks down the aisle performing on her big day, she dances to the famous song of the movie Baar Baar Dekho. Well, the movie came out back in 2016. It has a huge fan following for sure. ‘& that’s how we choreographed and made this viral bridal entry happen!#Teamysdc rehearsing & planning Saba’s surprise entry at her engagement. Thanks for all the love you have all showered on this entry! ” said the caption of the clip. Initially, the posting of the video was on the famous social media platform of Instagram.

 It was by team ysdc wedding choreography. Now the video has more than 5000 likes, and it keeps increasing. “I’m absolutely in love with this choreography; if I was to be married anytime soon, I’d definitely use this concelpt,” said a user.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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