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If you have been waiting for Hoops Animated Season 2, then there is a bad news for you, know what ?

The cancellation of the Hoops animated series after its first season is devastating news for fans of the show. Season 1 was well-received, and some fans are hoping for a repeat in season 2. Hoops is a hilarious animated series created by Ben Hoffman that follows a basketball coach named Ben Hopkins, who is a hothead.

He loses control every time he becomes upset by a foul-mouthed high school coach and says anything. He wants a horrible existence and believes he can get it with the assistance of his awful team, which will eventually make it to the top leagues, after which his life will start to turn on.

His father, Barry, is the former owner of this basketball court and an incredible basketball player, while his boss, Opal Lowry, is the principal at Lenwood High School and one of the players on his team is Matty, who stands at 7 feet tall and is 16 years old. Ron is Ben’s best buddy and works as an assistant coach at the school. He is also dating Shannon, Ben’s estranged wife.

This is a hilarious, adult animated series about a basketball team that revolves around these individuals. Hopkins’ squad winning the contest is more hilarious and wonderful than the show Hoops. However, the show is not being developed further, despite the fact that it features characters voiced by Jake Johnson, Ron Funches, Cleo King, Natasha Leggero, A.D. Miles, and Rob Riggle.

We were expected that Hoops would return for a second season before it was canceled, but we subsequently learned that it would not due to the movie’s high production costs compared to its audience. And we all know that Netflix renews or picks up any show within a month if it is popular and has a large audience, which is required for a show to run for an extended period of time.

Season 2 of Hoops: Why Was It Cancelled?

The show returned on August 24, 2020, and some media reported in 2021 that the series will not be renewed for Hoops Season 2. The show is good, but not as good as it appears to be in the eyes of critics, and this adult show did not succeed, resulting in the cancellation of Hoops for Season 2 and a Cliffhanger ending to the series.

The main reason for the cancellation is that the show’s viewership has declined in comparison to its production costs, hence Netflix has opted not to extend this adult animated series.
When Ron Funches asked some of the cast members what they would like to see in season 2, they stated Ron Funches


“All I want to do is sleep with more of Ben’s exes.” ‘Look, you had the rest, now attempt the best,’ I believe that would be a terrific thing for me to always go through. But, when I think about it comedically, I think it would be interesting for Ben and Ron to trade mindsets for a time; maybe after Ben gets his shit together, we watch Ron go insane and fall apart, and we see what he’d be like if he lost his fucking mind; I think that would be fun.”

Natasha Leggero

“Yeah, I love it,” she added, “and I think that would be a fun dynamic for Shannon as well since there’s still a part of her that loves Ben.” I think she could go there for a little while if he got his act together, but it wouldn’t end well.” “I want to see Opal with a partner!” exclaimed another cast member, Oleo King.

She’s looking for a long-term relationship. Opal is prepared for it. So she can sing to him, kiss him, and make love to him. She wants to kiss him more than anything. As a result, Opal requires a real boyfriend. That’s something I’d like for her. “I want her to get that experience.”



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