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Impact of the pandemic on mental health and how to handle it?

Surely it is an understandable fact that the stress about the covid-19 and the pandemic along with the lockdown rules is high among many people who have been suffering due to it for months now. Resources have clearly stated that people tend to get affected mentally due to the pandemic situation and mental illness can lead to serious problems. Anxiety, depression, and fear of the virus were high when the vaccinations were not available. Even now vaccinations are not available in huge amounts but still, the conditions are a bit under control as compared to the previous year. The other factors such as imbalance of the economical life and impact on people’s well being are also very stressful. More than 42 % of people were surveyed to be suffering from anxiety and depression in December last year. The fear of isolation and the stress of not being able to earn as much as required is one of the main reasons for mental illness. So here are the ways to maintain mental health and to stay healthy mentally in this pandemic period.

Have a home exercise routine: Exercising doesn’t only mean keeping yourself physically fit but it also means keeping yourself mentally fit and balanced. You don’t have to go to the gym to have your body built or go to any special session to maintain your mental health. There are many online workout sources which, for free, give tips and advice to people to maintain their mental health. For example, yoga is a very good way to keep yourself peaceful and calm and get a new perspective to look at things. A simple long breathe and simple exercise is also a great way to keep your mental health balanced because it increases the circulation of air and keeps your heartbeat balanced, which is a great way to feel relaxed.

Spending time in nature: Now it’s true that in this lockdown period we cannot often go outside for no important reason and maintaining social distance is a crucial part of life now. So to enjoy nature in this pandemic period, your balcony doors and windows can be a best friend for now. As per many researchers, nature has been proved to be very important to maintain your mental health. The green and blue space associated with reducing anxiety and depression is a fact, which plays a vital role in it. Spending some time enjoying the sunshine and good air quality is the best that one can do and it is also a great way to take a break from the work that you are doing. To keep your body and mind fit it is often advised to meditate or just relax and breathe.

Stay in contact with your loved ones: Although you cannot go and visit people, this is an era where everything can be possible, and contacting a person is a small thing for sure. It’s good to call someone when you are feeling low and to stay in touch with your loved ones often to share thoughts and to open up your heart and brain. Again if you are feeling lonely it is always advised to do something you like or make yourself busy with something productive to distract your mind.

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