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Information about e-pass and its uses in this pandemic.

In the past, the government has imposed several guidelines and new rules to fight the pandemic. From social distancing to setting time limits for shops to be open, there have been many such new rules introduced to the public for which they are getting adjusted too. Follow these guidelines have become mandatory to stay safe and to avoid the spread of the virus which is a crucial thing right now. Now one of these newly imposed restrictions that the government has made is regarding the e-pass. It is also known as an electronically generator travel pass and as its name goes by it is mandatory for your travel journey. Generation of e-pass is important so that you can travel on roads within your district. Here are some of the important things that you should know about the e-pass and its application.

Applying e-pass and its use: 

Well, people who wish to travel outside the district will have to get an e-pass. Except for government officials and those who are involved in emergency services, everyone should get an e-pass to travel to a different district. It has been imposed in a few districts for now and citizens have emergency reasons that only apply for it and can make use of it. For example, someone who needs medical treatment or any medical emergency can easily get an e-pass.

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How are you supposed to apply for an e-pass?

States like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have imposed the rules of e-pass and to get it, people can apply for it online now. For example, if you are in Maharashtra and want to apply for an e-pass, you just have to fill your application online and it will be moved to local police officials for processing it. The main documents that will be required for the e-pass application include your identity proof, medical fitness certificate, medical report of people who are traveling for a medical emergency. If you are traveling because of the death of someone close then the death certificate, if you are traveling because of a wedding then the wedding cards will be required. Once you have applied for the e-pass online its checking procedure will take place and mostly one day before the travel date your pass will be issued. However, rejection of any person can take place if the reason for traveling is not so important. That is, if you are traveling without any important reason to travel or if there is any mistake in the document submitted then the rejection of the people will take place there and that itself. It is also advised by the government to not apply for an e-pass until and unless it is a very important emergency to travel. This will help the team to easily look over documents of people who need e-pass in an urgency

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