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In the wake of the Omicron outbreak, the United States has reached a new low for daily Covid-19 instances.

The fast spread of the new Omicron strain in the US has increased the daily Covid-19 case count to a record high of roughly 510,000. According to the most recent data from Johns Hopkins University, this is the country’s largest single-day increase in cases since the outbreak began.
There were 512,553 new cases and 1,762 new deaths reported in the United States on Monday. In the last week, about 1,660,000 new cases and over 10,000 new deaths have been added to the list, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The 7-day average daily increase of cases reached more than 206,000 on Sunday, according to the latest statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As per the Xinhua news agency, this is also the highest total since January 18.
The Omicron strain, initially discovered in southern Africa in late November, has sparked a surge of infections not seen since last winter, bringing the total number of US coronavirus cases to over 52.9 million, with over 819,000 deaths.

On December 1, the first known case of the Omicron variety in the United States was discovered. Since then, the variant has been found in most US states and territories, and the number of Covid-19 cases it is causing is fast increasing.
According to fresh data released Tuesday by the CDC, the Omicron variety accounted for 58.6% of coronavirus variants circulating in the US during the week ending December 25. The frequency of the Omicron variant had surpassed that of the Delta variant, which accounted for 41.1 percent of variants, according to the estimate.

More travel, sports, and other activities have been cancelled around the country as a result of Omicron’s increase. Hospitalizations have hit new highs in several locations during the Omicron spike. In addition, the number of children hospitalised to hospitals with Covid-19 is on the rise.
According to a recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Children’s Hospital Association, Covid-19 instances in children in the United States are “very high and growing.” Since the start of the epidemic in the United States, almost 7.5 million children have tested positive for Covid-19, accounting for one out of every ten children in the country.

Nearly 199,000 kid Covid-19 cases were recorded in the week ending December 23, a 50% rise over the weekly new cases reported in the beginning of December. This was the 20th week in a row that the number of kid Covid-19 cases surpassed 100,000.
According to the AAP, there have been over 2.5 million more kid cases since the first week of September. COVID- Due to the spike in new infections, 19 testing locations across the United States have faced record demand.



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