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Rajasthan police’s new campaign for Don’t Drink & Drive hits the headlines!

For the past few months, all the police departments from different states have been coming up with new campaigns so that they can spread awareness on the Internet and a much wider width and can attract more social media users. From Police departments using the famous dialogues to carrying out so many complaints with different quotes, we have seen the police department using witty ways to spread awareness among people. Well, currently such news is hitting the headlines and going crazy on the internet as the Rajasthan police has decided to now be a part of the trend. The Rajasthan Police department came up with the latest drive home-related message against drunk driving. 

Official social media account of the Rajasthan Police you can find that the officials have used very catchy one-liners from a popular ‘shayari’ of Rahat Indori. Well also to make a note of this shayari was used in the very famous Hindi film ‘Amar Prem’. Talking about them is a very special latest campaign which started just ahead of New Year festivities, you can see that India official to tweet which is as part of its campaign — ‘This New Year, Don’t Drink & Drive’ that the police used a popular line from Rahat Indori’s ‘shayari’. 

The popular line of the shayari states— ‘bulati hai magar jaane ka nahi’ — to caution people against drunken driving. The line, “Bulati hai magar jaane ka nahi, peekar gaadi chalane ka nahi ” which translates to “There are invitations but it is not to be accepted, and cars are not be driven after drinking,” was tweeted on Tuesday. Talking about this line which is so crazy viral that not only the Rajasthan Police department but also we before many social media users have made use of it and they are reels or videos or in simple meme pages that they have created.

 The dialogue was doing the rounds on the Internet and now none other than the officials have found it and made a really good use of it for sure for a good campaign that they have started. Well, Monday, the police department used the ‘Pushpa I Hate Tears’ dialogue from ‘Amar Prem’ and they officially tweeted, “During driving, Pushpa I Hate Beer.” The tweet also went viral like this one and people, especially all the Desi netizens who also came across it, were left totally amazed by the way the department officials blended the dialogue for the campaign. 

Also in another tweet, the officials suggested booking a cab in advance and not driving while drunk in the first place to spread awareness among the people in order to decrease the accident rates that have been happening within the states. As soon as this news was out and social media users came to know more about the official tweet made by the Rajasthan Police department they couldn’t help but just smile on their creative thinking to spread the awareness in such a unique way.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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