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Increase demand on products this year:

The pandemic situation has truly changed our life and with the new normal that we are getting adjusted to for months, we have seen that demand on certain resources have increased rapidly too. For the past few months we have seen the coronavirus pandemic has led to a shortage of many products across the country as the supply was less but the demand was increasing day by day. Also, so many products going out of stock was really a big issue for the country as with the demand of the products their prices also went up high. Here are the few products listed which were highly in demand in the country in the past few months.

  1. The high food demand: During the outbreak of the coronavirus in the March of 2020 India news issue in supplying the essential groceries to each part of a region. Another big issue at that time was panic shopping as the public were stressed regarding the topic of lockdown.
  2. Hand sanitizers: hand sanitizers are one of the most demanded products to date and are highly bought every month by the public, especially by the ones who often make an appearance in a public place to work or in health care centers. As per the given government guidelines sanitizers have to be used to a limit but still many tend to keep on using the sanitizers on the hand to not get infected by the virus.
  3. Face mask: surely face masks is one of the most demanded products in this pandemic situation and especially is been highly used in several healthcare centres. The cloth mask and the surgical mask are some of the types of face masks which have been used in a high range by the common people. Surgical masks and N95 masks are disposable types of masks produced now in a wider range as compared to last year as the demand keeps increasing. Especially in the regions of the country where lockdown timing is now being decreased, the public makes an appearance in public places more often wearing the mask so thus its demand is not supposedly going to come down or reduce in a few months.
  4. Medicines and vitamin tablets: A few months back there was a myth highly believed by many people that our common vitamin tablets and medicines made to increase our immunity can be consumed in order to completely avoid the deadly virus. However many articles by doctors now have proved that these vitamin tablets can only prevent us from getting a fever or cold but cannot completely help us avoid getting infected from the covid 19 virus.

Along with this protects the other products whose prices went high in the past few months include gas, petrol oil and much more which lead to serious problems in a country as the daily life of people changes a lot. However few conditions have been seen to be changing in and are under the process of change to beat the pandemic and for the smooth running of the nation.



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