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Indian Army officials repatriates 3 PoK boys with gift packets

The Indian Army again made the entire nation proud by safely repatriating three children to a Pakistan-occupied Kashmir village this Friday. The children crossed the line of control that is LOC in the Poonch sector on Wednesday and were repatriated back. All the three children age between 9 to 17 and were given gifts and packets by local children as well as the Indian Army. Before handing over to the Pakistan army at the LoC crossing in the presence of their parents they had a good time with the locals.

One of the Pakistani boys also spoke about the Indian army’s behavior and how good they were with them by saying ” they were really courteous towards us and took us to the town where we played cricket with the local kids.” He also stated, “we were also provided wonderful meals.” Colonel Davinder Anand who is defense spokesman said that the Indian Army troops on August 18 apprehended three children in Poonch.

They crossed the LOC from Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir village to the Indian side and he also said “Indian troops deployed along the LOC in the Poonch sector through their well coordinated and effective surveillance network observed a suspicious movement on the Indian side of the LOC. The area was immediately cordoned off and three individuals were apprehended.”

The official also added “the apprehended individuals turned out to be young children. There was a fourth person who was the eldest among them and managed to run away from the LOC.” Well, the Indian troops did not shoot them or open fire on the individual attempting to cross back to the Pok village. Thankfully the troops before itself noticed that they all were children and handled the situation very carefully. what’s the officials interacted with the children they came to know that they all belong to Chhatra and Troti Darmshall villages which are all located across the LOC.

The children also claimed that they crossed the line of control while they were fishing. They were laborers excavating sand from the river and nallah beds. These details were all stated by Brigadier Nair. The good news now is that the children have safely returned back and also had a very good time with the Indian Army officers as well as the locals and the kids that lived in the nearby village. The three young boys also received many gift packets from both the local villages as well as the Indian Army officials and were happy with spending time with all of them.

But this was not the first time when such an incident occurred with the Indian Army. Back in December 2020 that is last year similarly three girls had inadvertently crossed the LOC. At that time too, the Indian Army repatriated the three girls safely by obviously giving them some gifts.



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