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Rana Kapoor’s wife gift grandson a 40 crore Bungalow

Bindu Rana Kapoor is the wife of Yes Bank’s founder and former managing director Rana Kapoor and recently she hit the headlines by giving an expensive gift to her 9-month-old grandson. She gifted him a property that is present in the posh locality of Jorbagh and the national capital. Her 9-month-old grandson Aashiv Khanna got an amazing gift from his grandmother. This information was publicly out because of the registration documents that were available on

Leading business news website moneycontrol reported it today and the news instantly went viral. Aspataal documents for the registration which was available on zapkey.

.com, it stated that the registration of the gift to please on July 31, 2021. The stamp duty on it is of 36.90 lakh which was paid in favor of Aashiv Khanna through Aashisv Khanna’s mother Radha Kapoor Khanna. Aashiv Khanna’s mother Radha Kapoor Khana is the natural guardian of Aashiv Khanna as per the registered document. The property which is gifted is around the 369.40 square meter plot which is present in South Delhi Jorbagh area.

The ground floor of the property measures around 161.5 square meters as per the documents.  It is a 2BHK property and also has 1 parking slot along with other posh facilities. The estimated market value of the gifted property is around 40 to 44 gross and thus such an expensive gift for a 9-month-old kid is what caught the eyes of thousands of netizens out there.

According to the document that is zapkey presented, another property in the same area that is in the same location was sold to a price range of rupees 43.5 crores on July 24 this year of 2021. This proof is enough to state how fancy the area where the gifted property is present and also Rana Kapoor’s wife has inherited a share in her father’s property in the year 2004 as per the documents available online.

Also, this present of such amazing property to a 9-month-old grandson is a way to show how they can safeguard the possible attachment of properties in the upcoming future. In July month of this year, a Prevention of Money Laundering Act that is PMLA court had rejected the bail plea of Rana Kapoor. The Yes Bank founder was actually arrested by the enforcement directorate in connection with alleged multi-crore fraud at the bank.

The banker currently is in judicial custody and he and his wife along with three daughters and others also got benefits of rupees 4,300 crores the company is all controlled by them as kickbacks for sanctioning huge loans, the ED has alleged. The Central Bureau of investigation that CBI is also looking at all of these cases related to accusations made on him.



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