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Inspirational video of a differently-abled man cooking on his cart takes the internet by storm.

One thing that we always believe and should believe on that hard work always pays off. Many people also believe one common fat is that the only disability one can have a bad attitude. Once a video is going very well, prove this fact to be reached. No matter who you are or what you do, your hard work and your good intentions will always take you on the journey of success.

Well, the story of this man is proving everything, and he is currently becoming the talk of the town. All the people who came across this story were inspired by it, and he is becoming one of the most inspirational people right now for sure. The video that is going so crazy viral shows a differently-abled side of the food cart. The video embodies the essence of this saying, and people are absolutely in love with his story.

An inspiring video:

Talking about the fantastic video, it was initially shared by a Twitter user Rahul Mishra—whose Twitter handle is @DigitalRahul. In the video, you will see a young man who does not have fully-formed hands working hard. He so skillfully was making still fried noodles on his card in the video that everybody is left completely amazed by it. The video goes on for only 30 seconds.

However, it is more than enough to show us how amazing this differently-abled person is. He is doing the best we can do to live a girl’s life, and people appreciate the fact. Talking about the video has more than 1 lakh views and also, the video has thousands of likes and retweets. Many social media users who came across the video and this man’s story were left entirely emotional as well.

The support of social media users:

The differently-abled person’s efforts touched them. Also, many social media users ask Mishra to share his location. In this way, they will be able to support his business by buying food from his food stall. Being very touched by the story, a Twitter user wrote, “Maybe you can give his location so people in surrounding areas can support him by having their meals at his place.” Another social media user who came across the video and appreciated his hard work stated, “One of the strongest hearts ever. Deserves RESPECT more than anything”. Another person commented, “I appreciate such a strong person…. living life with honesty and hard work”.

In December last year, Anand Mahindra also offered a job to a quadruple amputee from Delhi. Their story also had gone very viral on social media platforms, including a video. You can see the driving a modified vehicle and explaining how he starts and maneuvers it. It was shared widely, and it could catch the attention of many people around the globe. Back and 2018, another video that showed a differently-abled man dancing, went wildly viral. He was dancing after finishing his Pune Half Marathon.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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