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Sunil Gavaskar chooses to ask Alan Wilkins about the Kohinoor diamond during an IPL match.

It is not only about the game that goes on the field when it comes to cricket. We love cricket because of all the drama that happens in it. Especially when the cricketers send to make witty remarks, we love it. All the cricket lovers who are primarily fans of Sunil Gavaskar recently got some excellent content that is going wildly viral. When it comes to the former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar in the commentator’s box, it can also be forgotten how entertaining he can be when making some witty remarks. His recent Statements are doing arounds on the Internet, and all of his fans are going crazy about it.

You will come to know that he is keeping up with his streak of how to make a witty statements. Sunil Gavaskar again hit the ball out of the stadium during an IPL match. It was between other Rajasthan Royals as well as Lucknow Super Giants. During the match, the screen showed the beautifully let Marine drive in Mumbai when it was the break. It was mind-blowing to watch for sure. Gavaskar had a request from his fellow British commentator Alan Wilkins.

The witty remark:

Talking about the request, while comparing The Marine drive to the Queen’s necklace Gavaskar told Wilkins, “We are still awaiting the Kohinoor diamond.” After he made this funny, witty statement, both started laughing. All Sunil Gavaskar also continued to ask him if he had any particular influence. He wanted to know whether he could request the British government to give back the priceless diamond to India. Well, as soon as the duo started making such funny remarks, it was caught on camera by many people. Now it is doing arounds on the Internet, and all the cricket lovers love it.

The amused reactions:

The Internet is also highly amused at their cheeky remark made by him. Many Indian social media users loved it. Others were also praising him for making such a fantastic statement and creating a fun environment. Other social media users also rot about how fun their interactions looked. Will Kohinoor is very much priceless, and we have seen many people using the concept of the priceless diamond in many scenarios. From movies to such witty remarks going on has always been the topic of the town. Most cricket lovers do not expect Sunil Gavaskar to use the priceless diamond in this conversation.

However, who is complaining as he was the will to create such a fun-loving environment for all of his fans loved. Talking about the video, it started hitting the headlines as soon as it was available, and it has got so many views and likes on it that people are going crazy about it. Also, the post’s comment section is filled with many excellent comments from people and his fans who came across the video.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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