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The International Space Station shares breathtaking pictures! Know what it is!

Who doesn’t like beautiful pictures be it nature or monumental? Well, Netizens found something new and totally interesting regarding it right now which is trending highly on several other social media platforms, and all thanks to the International Space station for taking the initiative.

The Official Twitter handle of the International Space Station shared the breathtaking pictures and all the social media users were awestruck and enthralled If you are wondering what is new in the picture of sunrise then make a note of the post shared by the International Space station showing the very first sunrise Of The Year 2022.  Talking about these photos by the International Space station which is doing rounds on the Internet and several social media platforms, you will get to see a glimpse of nature. 

All the photos are a visual treat to the eye for sure. In the photos, you can see a  variation of hues emanating from the sun, soft clouds, and many horizontal shades leaving all the social media users amazed. “Happy New Year! The station crew sees 16 sunrises a day, and they officially started 2022 at midnight GMT,” said the caption of the tweet. “Those Pics worth a Thousand words Thank you 2022 Happy New Years ISS,” said a comment by an internet user.

 The International Space Station orbits at a distance of 354 kilometers that is approximately around 220 miles just above the earth. The spacecraft finishes one trip around the earth every 92 minutes. It traverses at a speed of 27,700 km which is around 17,200 miles every hour. Well, the astronauts present on the space station tend to experience 15 to 16 sunrises and sunsets every single day, as per the Earth Observatory statement.

Astronauts present on the International Space station shared a delightful message about Christmas, which was a few days ahead, and all the crew members were also sharing many holiday messages on their Twitter handles.
They explained what Christmas means to each of them, and how important it is for all of them. Many of them talked about their childhood and reflected on many of their life’s memories. These heartwarming posts related to their personal experiences brought smiles to social media users’ faces.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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