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Hockey team manager finds the woman who saved his life! Read the story!

Currently, the news is going viral on the internet, and all thanks to Nadia Popovici, a medical school aspirant in Canada. Well, she had no idea that her prognosis during a hockey game would save someone’s life and the internet is currently praising her for her actions. Nadia Popovici was present in a hockey game and that is when she noticed a mole on a person’s neck. 

As per resources claim she thought that the mole might be cancerous and Popovici was someone who has been volunteering and has experience in oncology wards, wrote, “The mole on the back of your neck is cancer,” in enlarged fonts on her phone. 

She then knocked on the plexiglass behind the stands to get the stranger’s attention who she suspected to have mole. In between all the chaos of an ice-hockey game, it was indeed tough to get the man’s attention when she tried to deliver the message to. Well, she persisted until finally, and Brian Hamilton, who is the assistant equipment manager of the Vancouver Canucks, gave his attention to her message. Then, Hamilton went to consult his team’s doctor who conducted a biopsy and found out that the mole was indeed cancerous.

It was a malignant melanoma that would have penetrated deep in Hamiton’s skin with time. Luckily, it was detected at an early stage and his life was not in danger anymore. Hamilton and his family really were halky and wanted to thank Popavici for detecting the mole. Because of her, the problem was they didn’t know anything about her except that she was at the game.

 Well, on Saturday, the Vancouver Canucks shared a letter on twitter in which Hamilton stated details of the life-saving incident. He also appealed to social media users to spread the word and help him connect with a “very special person”. Because of her, his life changed. Within a few hours, the hockey community online found Popavici as her mother got to know about the message through the ‘Ladies of the Kraken’ a Facebook group. 

Later, Hamilton was able to connect with Popavici in person and thanked her and the two hockey teams, Vancouver Canucks and the Seattle Kraken announced during a game that they will give Popovici a 10,000-dollar scholarship. It will help her cover her medical school costs and this news was successful to hit the headlines as soon as it was available online on several social media platforms on the internet. Not only were people so proud of her but also they felt happy that she was able to save a man’s life and was making use of your studies really very well.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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