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International visitors who have been fully vaccinated will be able to enter Mauritius beginning October 1

Mauritius is awaiting the full reopening of its borders on October 1, when vaccinated overseas tourists will be welcomed without limitations. Visitors who produce a negative PCR test done within 72 hours of their departure will be allowed to tour the island from the time they arrive freely.

Tourists will find the perfect heat for enjoying the numerous outdoor activities Mauritius has to offer, like water sports, kite surfing, trekking, and, of course, resting on the nation’s world-renowned beaches at this time of year.

Mauritius opened its doors to international visitors in the middle of July. Presently, vaccinated visitors spend two weeks in a unique “resort bubble” hotel before venturing out into the Indian Ocean idyll.

The list of authorized Covid-19 safe resorts can be found at: The remarkable acceleration of the nation’s immunization campaign has enabled Mauritius to move forward with the complete reopening and welcome tourists in a secure and safe environment.

At the time, a total of 1,322,232 vaccination doses had been delivered to residents and citizens.

In January, the Mauritian government prioritized tourist workers and hotel employees in the vaccination rollout to guarantee visitors are ushered into a secure and safe environment in Mauritius.

“Mauritius is pleased to see the globe opening up for travel again,” said Arvind Bundhun, director of MTPA. “Since the middle of July, we have been welcoming foreign guests to our island, and the “resort bubbles” has been a huge success. We are excited about the next step of our reopening on October 1, when vaccinated guests will be allowed to tour the island openly from the minute they arrive. The security and safety of Mauritian citizens, visitors, and visitors are still of the utmost importance.”, he added. 

Which airlines presently fly to Mauritius?

  • Emirates flights
  • Lufthansa flights
  • Saudia flights
  • Air France flights 
  • South African Airways flights
  • Kenya Airways flights
  • KLM flights
  • Malaysia Airlines flights
  • China Eastern flights
  • Turkish Airlines flights
  • Air India flights
  • Singapore Airlines flights
  • Eurowings flights

British Airways, Kenya Airways, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Emirates and Air Mauritius now provide airline capacity from the Middle East and Europe.

Emirates offers twice-weekly flights to Mauritius, with roundtrip economy tickets beginning at AED 4,515. Furthermore, Mauritius is now on Abu Dhabi’s green list, which means that visitors will not be subjected to quarantine upon their arrival to the capital.

Which Mauritius resorts are available for booking?

International tourists may now book their ‘resort bubble’ vacations through tour operators or straight with the hotels. Unvaccinated travelers must stay in a quarantined hotel for 14 days if they are not immunized.



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