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Red Flags in a relationship that might look attractive right now

Love is a beautiful feeling; we all want to feel loved and wanted. Most of us love caring and possessive partners who give us their time, but too much of anything can lead to toxicity and suffocation. You might think it’s all cute and sweet at the start, but it gets alarming later on.

We have curated few things that are cute and loving at the start but later create huge problems: 

  • Constant texting: Text and messages all the time can be sweet and cute in the start, but later it’s going to hurt you in the long run. Too must text, constantly questioning about where you’re going, why you’re going is insecure and over-possessive behavior. You need to recognize such things at an early stage before you completely drown yourself.
  • Clingy: Well! It might sound cute right now, but too much clinginess is a sign of insecurities. Sure, it’s attractive to some extent, but it’s toxic when crossing boundaries. Their life starts with you and ends with nothing else they have. It’s essential to have personal time to invest in yourself; if your partner wants to do everything with you because they don’t have anything else, that’s toxic. Your partner adores you when you do your work or play guitar or music or some hobby. Sure, we all love adoration, it might look cute and loving at the start, but it turns bad experience when they hover over you all the time.
  • Making fun of you in-jokes: Sure, we all love if your partner makes you laugh and smile. We admire when they take an active part in fun conversation. But if they regularly make fun of you through jokes, it’s clear they don’t respect you, and that’s a huge red flag.
  • They criticize you for everything: It’s a good thing, they communicate with you about everything, but if your partner constantly criticizes you or try to change your every little thing like that’s not how you should sit or how you should behave in public or you don’t look good or what you need to wear; Such type of behavior is inappropriate and toxic; it’s a red flag.
  • You are their priority all the time: I know, I know! You are thinking, why would it be a problem but in reality, it is. No, you are thinking wrong; making your partner a priority is not wrong but ignoring every other relationship is wrong. It might be romantic and sweet at the start but later going to suffocate. If your partner ignores all other relationships just for you, then it’s a red flag. They might try to restrict you from meeting your friends and family. 
  • They are possessive for you: Your partner feels jealous if anyone talks to you. Sounds cute? Well! It’s not. We agree little bit possessiveness and jealousy are healthy and required in a relationship. But your partner reacts the same way with every person you talk to; even if they know they are your closest friends, that’s a sign of lack of trust, and no relationship stands without the trust element. 

We hope you look into the matter and resolve these issues early. If solved at an early stage, you can make your relationship healthy and strong.



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