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IPL 2022: CSK’s Shivam Dube says he got ‘goosebumps’ while talking with MS Dhoni!

One of the most famous personalities gaining a lot of fame in recent times is the all-rounder Shivam Dube. He is someone who is not able to control his happiness and excitement once you get to know that he has become one of the Chennai Super Kings. Yes, he will be playing at the Indian Premier league 2022 auction, as per the reports. Also, his dream of meeting his only goal comes true now. 

He always wanted to play under the captaincy of MS Dhoni, and now he will get a chance finally. Shivam Dube, a 28-year-old player, became a father for the first time just a few days before. In this is time ahead of IPL 2020 to option, he also yet another fantastic news. As per the reports in February, he got the news of his contract with the Chennai Super Kings.

Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2022: Details of the Team!

Shivam Dube is currently working hard for the Chennai Super Kings training session. As for the reports, it was held in Surat just before the beginning of IPL 2020 2. He has been working with his hero MS Dhoni and got a chance to meet him closely. Also, after meeting him at their camp, Shivam Dube said that he got Goosebumps when he had a chat with him. The CSK captain naturally has a great fandom, and maybe Shivam Dube is one of them. He also received a lot of instructions from his new Skipper just before the ten-team season. As per the reports, Shivam Dube will be willing to put his heart and do justice to the trust the four-time champions have shown in him.

 “I think you can still see the goosebumps coming out because always I’m a big fan of Mahi bhai and, especially CSK. I had a chat with Mahi bhai as recently as yesterday. He asked me to do a few things and I told him I’ll definitely get it done. When Mahi bhai asks you to do something, consider it done,” Dube said by speaking regarding CSK. “I was very surprised that I have got a baby boy and become a father. The 2nd big thing, again, after 4 days, I got picked by Chennai. I was dancing a bit in my room, I was really happy. He added, I called my wife and my family. I don’t dance often but because I was happy, I was dancing,” he further added. 

“It was a big deal for me to get picked by Chennai. I was feeling great. I can’t express my excitement in words but I was pleasantly surprised by having been picked by CSK.”

Shivan Dube’s journey!

According to the sources Dube, who played for Rajasthan Royals last season, was bought for Rs 4 crore. Well, reportedly, it is eight times more than his base price. Well, India all-rounder made his India debut back in 2019. Also, he has played an ODI and 13 T20Is. However, he could not be a regular member of the senior national side to date. Nevertheless, the cherished personality is not losing his confidence and is working much more harder. 

He has also now been picked by the Chennai Super Kings and also realizes his potential that he can achieve much more success in the upcoming years.

“Although it is a different franchise for me, attitude will remain the same. I have to do my best for the team’s cause, which has always been my mission as a player and will always be that way going forward as well. I’m more confident now,” he stated.

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