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A 19-year-old runs 10 km every night to join the army!

We find so many amazing stories of people around the globe on social media platforms that consistently tend to touch your heart. Will one side viral video clip which lasts only for 2 minutes is going viral on several social media platforms complete sab also it is reaching out to so many people around the globe that it is one of the trendiest topics right now. The story of this 19-year-old boy has got more than 6 million views on social media platforms. As per the reports, this boy is from Almora, located in Uttarakhand. 

He is winning over the Internet after filmmaker and famous personality Vinod Kapri came across him. He recorded the boy on his camera running through Noida late. “This is PURE GOLD. Last night at 12 o’clock on the road of Noida, I saw this boy running very fast with a bag on his shoulder. I thought he could be in trouble so I should offer him a lift. I repeatedly offered him a lift but he declined. You will fall in love with this child if you get to know the reason,” Kapri said in a tweet. Also, he shared the now-going viral video clip of this boy and the time when he encountered the boy named Pradeep Mehra. 

The video:

Talking about this video clip lasts only 2:20-minutes. Well, it has racked up millions of views till now. In the video, you will see filmmaker Kapri asking Mehra the reason behind him running. “I always run on my way back home.” The award-winning filmmaker speaks to him, and the teenager states that he works at a McDonald’s outlet in Sector 16, Noida. The young boy wants to join the Indian army and runs 10 km every day. Moved by his determination Kapri suggests to him that he can run in the morning. Mehra says, “I have to go to work and cook food at 8 am in the morning.”  

Later, Kapri tells the teenager that his video might even go viral. “Who is going to recognise me? It’s okay. I am not doing anything wrong.” “Pradeep, you are amazing. Let me please drop you home,” says Kapri. “It’s my routine, if I come with you it will affect my practice,” Mehra replies. Kapri also shared their second meeting on Twitter. “Have you got to know anything, now?” he is heard asking. “Yes, you are a recipient of an international award,” replies Mehra. “No, I haven’t got any award,” says Kapri, to which Mehra replies, “I heard about you and so searched on Google about Vinod Kapri.” “What’s the big deal in going viral. I haven’t done anything wrong, I am just running,” Mehra states. 

The famous teenage boy:

“The whole country is lauding you,” Kapri replies. Well, Mehra also stated about the comments criticising him. “I have seen two or three people’s comments like make him run in Kashmir. He will forget running and so on,” he said in the video. “But, lakhs of people have watched it and they are saying this child is wonderful and is an inspiration,” said Kapri. When asked whether he wishes to give any message to the world, Mehra says, “Work hard and then everything will be alright.” Well, he finally agrees to Kapri’s offer and gets a lift. “It’s not good to stop in the middle. People do come and offer me a lift,” he said. The clip has also got the attention of many politicians. Well, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, and bureaucrats praised him. Many other social media users came across his story and loaded him for his hard work.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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