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It’s a porcupine’: social media users go crazy after looking at an official’s signature!

One of the trendiest of exactly as a going crazy viral on the Internet today is this one signature. Yes you read that right this one signature of a very famous person is actually making it to the headlines and people are all going crazy about it after giving it a look. At 1 glance many of the social media uses also for the dresses not a signature but just some scribbling them on a piece of paper. But later on the reports stating that others are actually a signature and the reaction by the social media users was amazing.

 At a glance, this signature, which is actually the handwritten depiction of one person’s name, does not look anything like that. Will the many people have their unique styles sign on a paper just depicting their own usual style of writing. We know that A signature is used for so many crucial purposes especially for validation purposes why most people try it differently on a hard copy full stop however the signature that you will find on all the social media platforms is something that will blow your mind. 

The viral signature:

It is a signature of an official at Gauhati Medical College and Hospital. As soon as it was available onlineall the social media users went crazy about it. Well it led to a string of memes on several social media platforms. Many people are also creating many jokes about it. Also it is surely making many people’s day too. Talking about this amazing signature it seems like it has a number of atlanting and vertical lines on it. Also it seems like this signature is actually drawn from just one single point on this hard copy. By just giving it a glance of look you can imagine the signature nothing but as a scribbling done by someone on a piece of paper. 

Well the signature is about the seal of the registrar of the Department of Orthopaedics, Gauhati Medical College and Hospital. As per the reports this signature is also dated March 4, this year. Well all the social media users also got to see the official has verified a document. Literally, no one around the globe who came across this viral post was able to guess it. That is the official’s name by looking at the signature on the piece of paper. A social media user, Ramesh, shared this photograph on Twitter on Monday. 

Social media users reaction:

Along with sharing this viral post he wrote, “I have seen many signatures but this one is the best”. Many social media users have come across this photo. And also shared many other legible signatures to compare with this one. Also many people thought the signature very much look similar to porcupines and its pines.

“How will banks verify? will they count the number of quills the porcupine has? this is an AI defeating signature who is this officer! needs to be employed by secret services maybe he is sending some secret code in his sign :D,” said a user. “OMG! it’s a cross between a butterfly and a porcupine – I wonder how long does it take for him/her to scribble this assemblage of spiky lines,” said another user.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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