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Jonas brothers partnered with POTUS Joe Biden for creating a viral Tik Tok!

Tiktok is indeed a very famous platform now where people, especially famous personalities, have been seen collaborating with each other in order to create very trendy viral videos. Currently such a video made by the very famous American pop rock band, the Jonas Brothers have successfully taken the internet by storm. 

Well, one of the main reasons behind the video going so crazy viral on so many other social media platforms is that the famous band came up with the new idea as they were seen as seemingly unlikely partners for their latest Instagram reel. The video has now left all the social media users in splits. The trendy clip, which seems to have been captured inside the White House has hit the headlines because it has a special cameo who is none other than the POTUS Joe Biden himself who is seen appearing in the video. In the video you can see the trio lip-syncs to a popular TikTok audio track in New York. 

It is with a compilation of sound bites from Sidewalks interviews. In the beginning of the Instagram reel you can see Joe Jonas says “Bing Bong ” to the camera. Then Nick Jonas makes an appearance and is seen questioning him, “Are you vaccinated?” Popping out from a box comes up the one and only Kevin Jonas responding, “Yes Sir”. Then Nick is seen asking who is the president to which enthusiastically, both the northern, Kevin and Joe lip-sync to “Byron”. Joe then comes up and asks, “What do you want to say to Joe Byron, right now?” 

Acting cool, Kevin answers to him saying, “What’s up baby?” Lip-syncing to a husky voice, Nick then says “Take me out for dinner.” In the end of the video as they wrap up, Kevin asks whether they have got the video. The camera pans and then surprisingly we netizens got to see Biden appearing in front of the camera holding up a phone and saying, “We have got it”.  Nick posted the video tagging Biden and asked him about dinner schedules. The US president said, “It’s pronounced Biden, guys — thanks for stopping by!”  

The web series Sidetalk is set in Coney island showing rapper Gorilla Nems interviewing people on the street. He asks people if they are vaccinated, to which many reply, “Bing Bong”. One of the people came up with the famous line on “Byron”. In August, Nems released a song called ‘Bing Bong’ and then “Byron” and “Bing Bong” became one of the most popular catchphrases. Amid Covid cases now there is a  spread of the Omicron variant, the White House has been coming up with engaging PSAs. Pentatonix, Grammy-winning acapella group came up with a song about vaccine jabs.

In the video you can see Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola and Matt Salee and it was shared on the White House’s social media profiles on Friday. The group was singing, “Get your booster. Just like a seat for a little kid. Just like the heat from a rocket ship,” in the video. “Sometimes all you need is a booster.”

 “We can’t shout ‘get your booster’ from the rooftops of the White House, so we asked Pentatonix to do us one better. Find a booster or vaccine appointment near you at,” Said the caption of the White House tweet.



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