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One animal saves another in the viral video. Internet left in splits!

We have read a lot that the most followed rule in the animal kingdom is survival but the current viral video on the internet has proved this theory to be false.  

We have seen so many videos on the Internet showing us how animals help other animals because of their quick intelligence and instinctive empathy for animals that always impress the social media users. Previously many videos such as a dog rescuing a baby deer from drowning were going crazy viral on the Internet and later, one similar video of a buffalo is taking the internet by storm now. The buffalo was seen saving a tortoise and the short video was originally credited by TikTok user @manaskamran. It is great to find such videos on the Internet which not only tends to melt her heart but also shows the fact that animals can also be kind and can help each other when it is the time to do so. All the social media users who luckily found the video on the Internet left awestruck and also were amazed to find such a video which is not that easy to be found every day.

The video now has been shared multiple times by netizens, including Indian Forest Service officer Mr Susanta Nanda. In the video, you can see a buffalo trying its best to flip over a tortoise. The tortoise fell on its back and after trying  hard the buffalo succeeded in saving the tortoise. It is said that a tortoise staying in such a position for a very long time will not only affect its organs but also cause several sewer issues in the working system which can apparently lead to death. Notably, tortoises can die if they remain on their back for a very long time. The reason behind this is that the position can dislocate and disrupt their vital organs. 

This can leave them immobile and also expose their soft underbelly to predators. It takes a lot of hard work to flip over a tortoise. In the clip, people can be heard cheering on the buffalo. It tries hard to save the tortoise and it appears that both the buffalo and the tortoise are staying in an animal sanctuary. As per to a Twitter user, the video was taken at a zoo located in Rishon LeZion, Israel. 

As many people were hard cheering for the buffalo in the video it really proves the fact that it might be a century or both the animals were staying together and truly not on the people on the internet but also the ones who were present during the incident on that place are seem to be really happy by the buffalo’s gesture. This small gesture by an animal towards another animal has left people in awe and a Twitter user commented, “Amazing how he knew the turtle needed help!” truly an amazing video that has left many people with smiles on their faces after they give a look at the video.

Also many social media users who came across the video open to share their views and thoughts in the comments section of the post. The comment section of the various posts filled with many joyful comments and people expressing how Happy they were to witness such an act of kindness by an animal in the video.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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