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Kanye West unfollowed Kim Kardashian after they split!

Famous rapper  Kanye West got a divorce from the famous personality and reality star Kim Kardashian. He also unfollowed Kim Kardashian after their split on his Instagram official account. The 44-year-old rapper decided to unfollow his wife on social media platforms and has also made his Instagram account private. Many of his fans and followers were in for a shock when they got the news that Kanye West was not following Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account and made his account private too. The followers of Kanye West have their profile photos matched to West’ studio album ‘Donda’s cover art. Even for some time, Kim Kardashian had changed her display image to that but she decided to change it recently. As per the reports, the rapper had in between again followed her back but now it seems like he has decided to unfollow Kim Kardashian once again.

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For now, the rapper is following only 28 people on Instagram which includes Justin Laboy, Fashion Nova, rapper Fonz Bentley, and artist Katarina Jebb. Many of his fans and social media users were wondering why the artist suddenly decided to follow only 28 accounts and also to unfollow his estranged wife. Well, Kanye West has released his tenth studio album that is Dinda, and late last month he and Kim Kardashian worked together even though they had parted ways to promote this particular album. He finished making his album just weeks ago while living inside a stadium and Kim Kardashian even went ahead and shared videos of the album Fonda on her official Instagram account and Instagram story to promote his album.  Rapper Kanye West’s album Donda has songs spread across 26 tracks and it runs around for 1 hour and 48 minutes in total. The album also comes with alternate versions of songs heard from the listening events and all of his fans, especially the fans of the couple, have also found several songs in the album which can give a glimpse of his relationship with Kim Kardashian and their marriage. In the album, a particular song named “Hurricane” seems to be hinted heavily at a rocky relationship that the day had before they decided to part their ways and live their own life. 

Where many of the fans of the couple were devastated hearing the news of them deciding to get a divorce many of the fans also supported the duo on their decision and respected their decision. Also, the fact that Kanye West has been following people who are well known and also there are some people who he follows and who are completely random got many people wondering how they can get a follow back from the rapper. Also, another fact that the rapper has decided to follow back Bradley Beal but not his estranged wife again was successful to hit the headlines.

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