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South Korean president meets BTS and appoints as the special diplomatic envoy!

BTS is surely one of the most famous pop bands, known worldwide for their amazing songs and their good nature. BT has already won many of the awards and honors but on September 14th BTS members were also honored with the special envoy. 

On September 14th that is on Tuesday South Korean President Moon Jae-in met the most famous k-pop group BTS members and presented them with the certificates as they have been now appointed as his special envoys. South Korean President Moon Jae-in also expressed gratitude towards BTS as the band played a really important role in raising South Korea’s global profile.

Wearing black masks and black suits the BTS members slayed the black suit look. The shaft that attended the ceremony on Tuesday morning and this ceremony was conducted at Cheong Wa Dae in Seoul. This ceremony has marked the start of their roles as special presidential envoys for future generations and culture. While announcing this president Moon Jae-in gave a letter of appointment to each BTS member and along with the letter of the appointment he also gave them a diplomatic passport and a fountain pen. During a private meeting which was conducted between President Moon Jae-in and BTS members after the ceremony on Tuesday, President Moon revealed that the UN has also initiated BTS’ invitation. So now the BTS members will accompany President Moon Jae-in to the United Nations headquarters which is located in New York City and then they will attend the 76th United Nations general assembly. 

On Monday BTS will also perform online and will speak at SDG moment 2021, which is an annual meeting of leaders from 193 members and also the observer nations which are dedicated to the UN sustainable development goals. “the United Nations requested if I could attend the SDG meeting on behalf of other national leaders along with BTS on behalf of the global youth. That itself shows the enhanced global stature of South Korea.” President Moon said from the presidential office in his statement. 

The presidential office in July also appointed BTS to the role so that they can raise awareness about global issues and spread it to younger generations. They were also appointed for enhancing the nation’s diplomatic power and global stature in this post coronavirus era. 

The president praised BTS members a lot and also said that BTS members were often a topic of conversation between him and other world leaders and has also benefited his diplomacy. The president even said that some of the leaders have also asked them to hold a k-pop night including BTS when they make state visits. The president also congratulated BTS on the success they achieved on Billboard with their song Butter and recently on winning 3 trophies at MTV video music awards yesterday. President Moon said that BTS has raised national dignity by answering the stature of k-pop and Korean culture and he is grateful in many ways. The president even declared himself as a fan. 

Thanking all the honor and the praises which were given by the president, BTS leader RM said, “it’s a huge honor both as an individual and citizen to be able to hold the title of special presidential envoy for future generation and culture. We are always thinking about how we could give more and return the love we have received and we are just thankful that the president has presented us with such a big opportunity. We will do our best as special envoys.” 

At the end, RM added, “as we have been to the UN once before, we will return after completing our job with our youthful vigor and passion as always.”

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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